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At Film District Dubai, one of the leading post-production studios in Dubai, our team of technicians understand the nuances of compelling storytelling. From basic edits to sound mixing to dubbing, our video editing and post-production professionals possess a deep understanding of video post-production. We help you optimize your video narrative by carefully choosing to keep those communication pieces that fit in perfectly with your video communication objective. Our experienced video editors take your footage and craft it into an entertaining and compelling story. Using the latest visual effects and compositing techniques combined with well-thought pacing and presentation, including post-production animation, we create a memorable viewing experience for your target audience. Our post-production workflow is by far the most streamlined method employed within the industry. We also specialize in providing excellent end-to-end movie post-production service and are one of the preferred video post-production companies in Dubai. We provide the best post-production video quality and are a leading video Post-Production House. For delivering cutting-edge video post-production services, we are the preferred partner of leading content creation companies in the UAE.

Be it a corporate video, music video, television commercial or a short brand film, we give the same attention to every project irrespective of its size. Our repertoire of services also includes 6K, 4K, HD and HDR video post-production. Our High Definition editing and post-production studio features the latest version of editing software. We also specialize in providing services related to 3D animation, sound designing, video compositing and color grading. We pride ourselves on delivering video editing and post-production projects in any required format within the given deadline and budget. We are one of the leading post-production companies in Dubai.

Effective Post Production Services at Film District Dubai

Video Editing Services
Video Editing

Our expert video editing team knows the art of transforming camera rushes into an engaging brand story that will instantly connect your product or service with your target audience.

Motion Graphics Services
Motion Graphics

Scintillating motion graphics will add tremendous impact to your corporate or brand video. We band together with the best motion graphics professionals while adopting the latest industry workflows.

2D & 3D Animation Services
2D & 3D Animation

We have the in-house capability to create world-class 2D & 3D animation which will breathe life into your communication video and film.

Visual Effects Services
Visual Effects

Visual Effects, or VFX, changes the whole look of the video or film and makes your target audience relate better to the communication. We have the latest high-end VFX machines and software and the best-in-industry visual effects professionals.

Music Scoring Services
Music Scoring

A lilting melody or a 100-piece orchestra can stir up emotions in your audience like none other. We have the widest range of music directors who can create music across all genres.

Audio Designing Services
Audio Designing

At Film District Dubai, we have an expert team of audio designers who will create unique soundtracks for a variety of needs, using sophisticated audio designing tools and techniques.

Colour Correction Services
Colour Correction

Uplifting the visual quality of your video or film by using the latest color correction techniques.

Creative Post Production Process

1 Selection of Editing Software
Selection of Editing Software

Using the best editing software is critical for a seamless post-production workflow.

2 Choosing the best Film Editor
Choosing the best Video Editor

We have the widest range of editors in the region and know which film or video requires which editor’s expertise.

3 Detailed Colour Grading
Detailed Colour Grading

Through detailed colour grading process, out expert post-production team will alter and enhance the colour of your video or film and make it look more appealing.

4 Selecting the best Sound Editor
Selecting the best Sound Editor

For ensuring superb sound quality, we will select the best sound editor for your project.

5 Automatic Dialogue Replacement
Automatic Dialogue Replacement

Automatic Dialogue Replacement or ADR is done to replace the dialogues in the film which are not adequately recorded. The re-recorded dialogues are then synced to the edited version of the film or video.

6 Mixing

The mix, or the re-recording section of the movie, seamlessly merges all the sounds in the film.

7 Creating Opening and Closing Credits
Creating Opening and Closing Credits

After the formatting and finalization of the sound effects and tracks, the opening and closing credits are added to the final track of the film.

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