Social Media Video Production Services

Do you want to make an impact on social media with high concept social media video content?

Social Media Videos have emerged as the most powerful visual marketing tool post the advent of social media. A research says that 82% of marketers state that social media video marketing delivered a positive impact on their business.

A well-made and engaging social media video increases the time spent of your customer with your product or service communication. It can help in capturing the attention of your target audience and make a positive impact on sales. All social platforms have integrated a native video component in their timeline because social media video drives more engagement compared to any other digital marketing tool.

Film District Dubai, UAE’s leading viral video production company, can help you with creating high-impact and low-cost social media videos that fit in perfectly with your overall digital marketing strategy. Our expert team has the unmatched potential of conceptualizing and creating multiple short-format social media videos for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, Daily Motion and other popular platforms. You can also play these videos on your website for better engaging visitors who come to your website through organic or paid promotion. We are experts in creating video content for social media. Video content on social media helps in the fast communication of your product or service message. We are a highly popular social media video producer based out of Dubai.

One of the top viral video production companies in Dubai, Film District Dubai can create a compelling story which is in line with the video content your target audience is watching online and weave in your product or service in a subtle manner. By maintaining a fine balance of entertainment and information, we will ensure that your brand message reaches your target audience with the desired impact. We are a leading social media video maker preferred by leading brands across all categories in the Gulf region.


Live Broadcasting on Social Channel
Live Streaming on Social Channel

We can arrange for live streaming of your social media videos on all prominent social media channels for reaching millions of your customers in one go.

Social media Animated Video
Animated Video

We will create world-class animated videos of your product and, service using an engaging and entertaining story-telling format. As the saying goes, before you sell, you must tell!

Social Media Branding Video
Branding Video

A powerful branded video with a strong motivating brand message has the potential to trigger purchase intent. Our expert team will conceptualize and execute your brand video within your deadline.

Social Media Promotional Video
Promotional Video

Promoting your product or service requires a carefully detailed video which achieves the right balance of information and entertainment. We have created successful promotional videos for hundreds of satisfied clients.

Customized Social Media Video Production
Customized Video Production

Apart from the above social media videos, if you have anything else in mind, just share it with us. Our team will be ready with multiple concepts in a short time span. We pride ourselves in thinking out of the box.

Process for Social Media Video Production

1 Social Platform Selection for Video
Social Platform Selection

First, we will select the social media platform where the social media video will be broadcasted, like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram etc.

2 Goal of Video
Goal Orientation

Then, we will decide the goal of the social media video, i.e. engagement, click through, conversion etc.

3 Script Writing Social Media Video
Script Writing

Once the goal is locked, our expert team of writers take over and write the script of the social media video.

4 Adding Brand Visuals to Video
Adding Brand Visuals

Once the social media video is ready, we add the brand visuals and elements to make the video identifiable with the brand.

5 Adding Sound & Graphics to Video
Sound & Graphics

Adding sound and graphics makes the video richer and more engaging.

6 Social Media Video Delivery

Finally, we will deliver the complete video for you to stream on your preferred channels.

For giving your brand a digital boost by creating clutter-breaking social media videos, fill in your details and our representative shall connect with you within 24 hours.

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