Product Photography Services

Do you want your product to stand out from the clutter and instantly create purchase intent with your buyers?

Superior product photography is the key to increasing sales on your e-commerce product page or activate purposeful sales-driven conversation on social media. Research says that as many as 67% of consumers consider product image quality to be “very important” when making their buying decision. 65% of senior marketing executives agree that good product photography is essential to the overall marketing strategy. Product photography is a one-time investment in your business which continuously yields regular returns over many years.

At Film District Dubai, UAE’s leading e-commerce product photography services and professional product photography services company, we focus on creating a distinct identity for your products by getting them photographed by our expert team of product photographers using creative product photo shoot ideas. We ensure that your product photography is not only professional but also stands out by its distinctive style. Our photographers possess decades of experience in stylishly photographing product across all major categories. After understanding your product and your target audience, our product photographers create a distinct visual identity for each product range which enables immediate identification with your prospective buyers. For brands who are selling their products online, great product photographs can be the difference between normal and great sales figures. From fashion product photo shoot to beauty product photo shoot to jewelry product photo shoot, we provide customized product photo shoot services. We provide the full range of product photography services for large and small businesses. Our work is high on quality and low on price and gives a high ROI to our clients.

The Product Photography Process

1 Detailed Understanding of the Product
Detailed Understanding of the Product

We understand in detail, all information about your product, where the photos will be used and what is the look you want us to achieve. This step is critical in planning the photo shoot.

2 Product Inspection
Product Inspection

We will inspect all the products to be shot, in explicit detail. This will help our photographers shoot them better and make them stand out from the crowd.

3 Product PhotoShoot
Actual Shoot

The products will be shot in a fully equipped studio with all modern amenities. We will use the full range of lights required to bring out the true colour and shape of your products.

4 Post Production
Post Production

The product photos will be taken on post-production by our expert team, for background removal to render a clear white background. Using colour correction, we then remove any imperfections in the photos.

5 Final Delivery
Final Delivery

Once you have approved the photos, we will share high-resolution images of all the photos through a link from where you can download them.

6 Products Returned
Products Returned

Once the photo shoot is over, all products will be couriered to you on a fee, or you can arrange to have them collected.

Give your products the cutting-edge photography they deserve. Fill in your details and our representative shall connect with you within 24 hours.

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