Portrait Photography Services

Do you wish to keep your memories alive for your next generation?

They say a good portrait photograph is worth a thousand words and becomes a family heirloom with each passing generation. When a fabulous portrait photograph framed like a silent statement graces the walls of the living room, it stylishly magnifies the opulence of the surroundings. Special occasions like wedding anniversaries, graduation ceremonies, birthdays, a get-together of a senior corporate team and special events are perfect for a portrait photography session, and our creative photo shoot ideas will make the occasion memorable.

At Film District Dubai, UAE’s best family portrait photography services company, our expert team of portrait photographers specialises in vividly capturing the personality of the subject by using the perfect combination of poses, effective lighting, and backdrops. No matter the event or occasion, our portrait photographers will create the perfect mood and click a set of visual masterpieces of the portrait photoshoot themes which you can store and share for posterity. Our professional portrait photographers will choose the perfect lighting plan and shot angles that will enhance the portrait photograph and make it a professional portrait photoshoot. Along with personal portrait photography, we also specialize in business portrait photography. Well-shot portrait photographs of the key team members of your business will deliver an inspiring message to your stakeholders and help create affinity with the company. Whatever be your objective of portrait photography, we will understand the requirement down to the last detail and accordingly exceed your expectations. We will share ideas for the portrait photo shoot which will enhance the quality of the photo shoot.

Our portrait photography team is equipped with the latest equipment and trained in the latest workflow. We will give you exact instructions on what to wear and bring along on the day of your portrait photoshoot. We will assign an expert dedicated portrait photographer to your photo shoot. He or She will provide you with complete guidance on how to pose, how and where to look etc.

The Portrait Photography Process

1 Detailed Meeting for portrait Photography Services
Detailed Meeting

We will conduct a detailed meeting with the person or persons whose portrait photography is to be done. Knowing them better will help our expert photographer in the actual photography process.

2 Location Finalisation for portrait Photography Services
Location Finalisation

After this meeting, we will finalise the actual location where the portrait photography session will happen.

3 Location Recce for portrait Photography Services
Location Recce

After finalising the location, our photographer and his team will visit the location and decide on the different dynamics of the shoot.

4 portrait Photography Services
Actual Shoot

On the actual shoot, our photography and make-up team will deliver their best and make your portrait photos a piece of art.

5 Colour Correction for portrait Photography Services
Colour Correction

After the photographs have been finalised by you, they will be colour corrected for increasing their sharpness and overall impact.

6 Final Delivery
Final Delivery

The final re-touched photos will be delivered to you in the required formats, for enabling their seamless integration in the different marketing material.

To help us give you the best portrait photography experience, fill in your details and our representative shall connect with you within 24 hours.

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