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Are you looking out for a film production house for your movie production needs?

Producing a film requires seamless collaboration between a team which possesses unmatched expertise in all stages of film-making. Getting a film from script to screen requires the involvement of experts in every department, like scriptwriting, casting, cinematography, special effects, etc. From pre-production to production to post-production, you need best-in-class technicians and equipment to make your dream a reality.

Film District Dubai has worked on small, medium and large-scale successful film projects. Our expert team of technicians has the unmatched knack for conceptualizing and delivering world-class stories in an engaging feature film format. We are one of the leading film production companies in Dubai, UAE.

Our forte is creating visual masterpieces across the following film formats:

Short Film Production
Short Film Production

We are experts in creating motivating and hard-hitting message oriented short films, which entertain, inspire and provoke viewers into deeper thinking.

Movie Production
Movie Production

We skillfully translate your concept into a full-length feature film which will mesmerize viewers when they watch it on the big screen. We are honoured to have worked with some of the big movie projects created out of Dubai, UAE.

Documentary Production
Documentary Production

Documentaries are real stories told in a semi-feature format. Narrating real instances and slice-of-life stories in an engaging manner is our strength. Bring your documentary film idea to us and we will give you a cutting-edge documentary film like none other.

Creative Process for Top Films Production

Effective Film Pre-Production

1 Creative Pre-Production Planning
Creative Pre-Production Planning

Working on the central idea of the film and sorting out all the conflicts and resolutions is the first step of pre-production. The Producer, Director and Script Writer are actively involved in this process.

2 Film Script Writing
Script Writing

Our expert team of story, screenplay and dialogue writers works together seamless day and night, for creating a bound script which matches your vision.

3 Hiring Film Production Resource
Hiring Production Resource

Our decades of experience in creative film production helps us to narrow down on the perfect resource for each technical department. According to the need of every scene, we carefully choose the equipment and crew members.

4 Movie Casting

They say if your casting is right, 50% of your film is made! We have the widest network of casting agents and companies in UAE. After multiple audition sessions, we select the perfect actor for each character in the film, for ensuring that the performance matches the dynamism of the script.

Excellent Film Production

1 Film Shooting Equipments & Kits Selection
Equipments & Kits

We never compromise on the quality of movie production equipment and choose only the best. Latest equipment enhances the look of the film.

2 Crew & Resources Task Assignment for Shooting
Crew & Resources Task Assignment

For ensuring that the entire production process runs smoothly, we proportionately allocate work to each team member according to their ability for delivering maximum output.

3 Director of Movie
The Director is the Captain

A film belongs only and only to the director, who skilfully co-ordinates with all crew members to create a product of passion. We have the widest range of skillful film directors who have proven themselves with successful film projects.

4 Filming Movie
Film Shooting

Our filmmaking crew is comfortable with working on any location anywhere in the world. They work in cohesion to transform your dream into reality.

Creative Post Production

1 Film Editing
Film Editing

They say a film is made thrice – first on paper, second on shooting and third on the editing table. Our expert team of editors possess a razor-sharp understanding of filmmaking and know exactly where the scene should be edited for achieving maximum impact.

2 Audio & Tuning Post Production
Audio & Tuning

Our expert audio engineers will skilfully convert the background distortion and disturbance to Voice, by fine-tuning all the individual sound elements and treating them together as one material. This will ensure that the sound is in sync with the action and is ready with the perfect output.

3 Graphics & Visual Effects or VFX
Graphics & Visual Effects or VFX

Our post-production team creates the perfect combination of stunning graphics and mind-blowing visual effects or VFX for mesmerizing the audience and enhancing the effectiveness of the scene

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