Corporate and Advertising Photography Services

Do you want to create an impactful campaign by integrating innovative corporate and advertising photography?

If your corporate profiling and advertising messages are perfect, your customers are more likely to buy your product or service. Good photography plays an important role in successfully complementing the text messaging in your corporate and advertising communication. Film District Dubai is UAE’s leading corporate and advertising photography services company in Dubai. Businesses across the Gulf region trust us with their corporate and advertising photography needs. Film District Dubai is the partner of choice for brands across all business categories when it comes to providing impact-full advertising and corporate photography services. We are fully dedicated to providing outstanding corporate and advertising photos to discerning clients across UAE. We have successfully executed large advertising photography campaigns for leading brands. Our expert team of highly talented corporate and advertising photographers are well geared to meet the challenging schedules of the fast-paced and demanding corporate world. Right from preparing for a corporate or advertising photo shoot to delivering the final touched up photographs, our expert team of photographers keeps an eagle’s eye on the entire process.

The light in which a product or corporate identity is presented makes a big difference in the way it is interpreted by the target audience. Film District Dubai prides itself on having the widest range of highly professional photographers who will create memorable photos that can be used in your marketing and advertising campaigns. Film District Dubai is the most trusted corporate and advertising photography company in Dubai. Contact us for all your corporate and advertising photo shoot requirements.

The Corporate and Advertising Process

1 Need Analysis & Budgeting for Corporate & advertising photoshoot
Need Analysis & Budgeting

We will analyse your campaign objectives and help you come up with a budget that would justify your production requirements.

2 Creative Vision and Shot Definition
Creative Vision and Shot Definition

We will clearly define the full collection of photographs we need to shoot well in advance, to avoid any miss-outs later.

3 Finalising Timelines & Shoot Preparation for Corporate and Advertising Photoshoot
Finalising Timelines & Shoot Preparation

We will finalise the shoot timelines right down to the last detail and prepare exhaustively for the shoot.

4 Photo Session with Art Direction for Corporate and Advertising Photoshoot
Photo Session with Art Direction

The photo sessions will be conducted along with our expert Art Director who will work seamlessly with the photographer or photographers.

5 Photo Proofs, Selection & Retouching
Photo Proofs, Selection & Retouching

After the photo shoot, we will prepare proofs of all the photos taken and share them for your review. After you have selected the final photographs, we will re-touch them with digital post-production and provide you the same for your final sign-off.

6 Target Output & Final Delivery
Target Output & Final Delivery

After we receive your final re-touched photos, we will share their digital files for the different target outputs you will need for your marketing collateral.

To give your corporate and advertising campaigns a massive boost with spectacular photography, fill in your details and our representative shall connect with you within 24 hours. If you have your own digital designer, we will be happy to deliver the files in all the formats you are likely to require.

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