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Looking for Director of Photography [DOP], Professional Videographers, Reliable Camera Crews in Dubai, UAE?

In a film, advertising commercial or brand video shoot, the people behind the camera, i.e. Crew, are as important as the people in front of the camera, i.e. Actors. At Film District Dubai, we boast of the widest range of talented and experienced film crew across the entire range of your requirement. All our crew members are highly professional and come with tons of passion and skill. Our highly motivated crew members are experts in all range of shooting formats like High Definition (HD), Ultra High Definition (UHD) and DCI 4K. Our clients prefer choosing them over other crew members for their reliability and quick ability to react instantly to unexpected developments during the shoot. Our crew members work together as a solid team with seamless inter-personal understanding, which is vital for the smooth progression of a film shoot. We have in-house and associated film crew members who are available for shooting anywhere in the Gulf region. Our crew has vast experience working in the most challenging conditions across genres like Feature Film shoots, Corporate Film shoots, Documentary and Docudrama shoots, among other genres. They are extremely hard working, thoroughly enjoy their work and have accolades from leading brands and film production companies. Our film crew has worked with famous producers and film studios in the GCC region. We help you save precious time by selecting the best crew members based on a variety of parameters so that you get only the best. We are available to you 24/7 for any emergency or situation and we ensure that we have the best back-ups ready in case the selected crew member is not able to take part in the shoot in a highly unexpected situation. We are aware of the challenges that a film or television commercial company faces from the time the project is conceived to the time it is completed.

Our vast range of film crew members available for hire includes:

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