What you should know about Filming Pt. 2
by Eguaogie Eghosa Jul 18, 2021 Views (211)
We have seen from the first part of this article that filming can be both fun and a rewarding career, financially and otherwise. In an era of social media where fame and fortune are within the reach of the innovative, unique, tenacious and dedicated; more and more younger people are taking to filmmaking either as amateurs or as professional videographers.

Since what is ‘worth doing is worth doing well; this article continues to highlight some of the basic guidelines that a beginner should follow and some of the basic mistakes to avoid both in terms of methodology and personality.

Here are a few more heads up that should help you if you are just entering into the filmmaking world or are thinking of doing so.

1. Make the most of the resources available to you.
Having the best set of gears can really be a boost in filmmaking. But you don't worry about all the gear, actors, locations, and funding that you don't have; instead, critically consider what you do have and work with it. Your best tools are the ones that you already have. So, even if all that you have to shoot that project is your smartphone; then learn how to maximize your smartphone for filming.

2. Value your time
Remember this: if someone needs your talent, then he requires your time and your time shouldn’t be taken for granted. Lots of writers may tell you that as an inexperienced filmmaker, you should start with Pro Bono works first before billing for your services. That doesn’t have to be so at all! So, set a reasonable fee for yourself. There is nothing that says that you cannot make so much money while gaining some experience too. 

3. Be patient, But Not Passive
Building your career is going to take some time and lots of effort. Have patience as things shape up and align; only ensure that you do not stop working while waiting for it to fall into place.

Also, remember that it will not always be sunny; sometimes it will be dark and gloomy with projects either petering out or not get off the ground; just don't hang your head in disappointment when clients and collaborators don't return your call. This, as you will eventually find out, happens all the time. Just move on to the next project or idea you have.

4. Don’t Expect Everything to Go As Planned
Not everything will go as you planned. Sometimes, the best plans still fail because not everything is within our powers to control. Take this as a warning: no matter how much or how well you plan ahead, things will derail. One of your best attributes as a filmmaker is going to be flexibility and resiliency as you deal with the unexpected from one project to another.

5. It Gets Better with Consistency
An old Chinese proverb says, “The man who moved a mountain, began by removing a stone”. If you stay committed to the cause and show consistency in your desire to be a great filmmaker, the time will come when you will be sought out for projects that may redefine your career as a filmmaker. 

Almost all of us with a smartphone are already filmmakers. We often shoot short clips of events and happenings about us or others with our handy smartphones. With so many apps now enabling our phones to be more than just communication tools; many people are beginning to do more with their phones and making films with them.

But whether you are using a smartphone or a sophisticated filmmaking camera; you still need to understand the process and ensure that you are doing the right thing the right way. Filming or filmmaking can be for anyone with a passion for it, and it can become a rewarding career if we were to take to the advice and guidelines that are offered in this article.

Learn the basics and be willing to continue to learn along the way as new and innovative ideas come up, and the filmmaking world may just be yours to conquer.  

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