What Photo booth do the Kardashians use?
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The Kardashians have been a popular name in the sands of entertainment, fashion, and lifestyle. If you are a TV person, then you must be acquainted with the TV series, Keeping up with the Kardashians [KUWTK], likewise Kardashians.

The Kardashians family are a handful of celebrities who have etched their names not only in the industry of glitz and limelight but also have done well for themselves, such that they smile to the bank. It is no news that these celebrities have grown to become ambassadors for notable brands, and partnerships, among other things they earn as perks. 

Being such that have grown over the years to become role models and a path beater for many, the lifestyle of the Kardashians has daily grown to influence market surveys of brands they identify with, which are all aided by a good display of photo shoots and the media [digital and analog].

In today’s post, we will be taking a different turn in the identification of a necessary tool the Kardashians use to influence their brands. You will agree that makeup, a carefully thought photo shoot, and of course the mass media are major concerns for those who are intentional about how they are perceived. Hence, will shed light on a useful tool such as the Photo booth, and likewise, identify what Photo booth the Kardashians use when selling their stories.

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What is a Photo booth?

A Photo booth is a compact and automated kiosk-like shape [booth] where people can take pictures. A Photo booth is usually of great use at gatherings or in open spaces like malls or amusement parks where people tend to snap amusing and unforgettable pictures of themselves or with others.

A Photo booth usually comprises a camera, lights, and a background or screen that is decorated with various patterns or themes usually included in photo booth setups. 

While there are different types of Photo booths, and the place of skill/creativity of the booth could include numerous props or accessories like hats, spectacles, or other things that can be utilized to provide different picture effects.


Are there different types of Photo booth?

Yes, it will please you to know that there are different types of photo booths, each with its unique features and distinct characteristics. Below are some common types of photo booths:

1. Open-air photo booth: This type of photo booth is usually a camera set up on a tripod with a backdrop or green screen. Guests stand in front of the backdrop and take their photos.

2. Enclosed photo booth: This type of photo booth is a small, enclosed space where guests can take their photos. Enclosed photo booths can be more private and offer a traditional photo booth experience.

3. Mirror photo booth: As we've discussed earlier, this type of photo booth features a two-way mirror that allows guests to see themselves while also displaying digital overlays.

4. Selfie station: A selfie station is a camera set up on a tripod or mounted on a wall. Guests take their photos using a remote control or by touching the screen.

5. 360-degree photo booth: This type of photo booth uses multiple cameras to capture a 360-degree view of the guest, creating a unique and interactive photo experience.

6. Boomerang GIF booth: This type of photo booth captures a series of photos and creates a GIF animation that plays forward and then backward.


Do the Kardashians own a Photo booth?

No, the Kardashians currently do not own a Photo booth as perceived. Despite being one of the most sought-after questions on the internet, the Kardashians have not only enjoyed stardom from glam and glitz, knocking off monumental doubts/comparison but the Kardashians have also been known for their breathtaking pictures.

As icons and possibly large role models that the Kardashians represent, people are always inquisitive about lifestyle, eating habits, exercise, fashion sense, and their Photo booth experiences.

Well, while the Kardashians may not own one yet, they are always more comfortable with the idea of renting a Photo booth from a certain company who have garnered more following from consistent delivery of services to A-list celebrities. The name of this brand or service provider will be examined in the next subtopic.


What Photo booth do the Kardashians use?

It will interest you to note that the Kardashians have their favorite when it comes to anything that concerns their brand. While others have termed their actions as vain, the Kardashians live on the posterity of their brands, likewise being ambassadors for other notable brands out there.

In the journey of this Photo booth, the Kardashians have repeatedly identified with a Photo booth by MirMir, one could experience the Original Premium Photo Booth. MirMir has become a fixture at the greatest events nationwide despite being frequently imitated but never replicated. MirMir Photo booth images are always treasured, displayed, and cherished forever.

MirMir continually makes the occasion quite unforgettable.


What you must know about Mir Mir Photo booth company

MirMir is a highly exclusive Photo booth firm, with a very distinctive marketing proposition. MirMir Photo booths take a series of photos at the time they believe is the most "natural," and then all the photos go through a top-secret retouching process before they are printed out, unlike other Photo booths where you just pile in and hope for the best. 


How notable is MirMir in the Photo booth business?

With the MirMir Photo booth, it's not only the Kardashians that enjoy it; many upscale events, including the Oscars, and many movie wrap parties, include photo booths. While some would say funding is costly, well, we say it is not even as we expected it, not inexpensive, as you would have anticipated. 

For a four hours session using the MirMir Photo booth, you would be looking at spending $2,750 (or £1,900), plus extra if you want the ability to make GIFs and publish them directly to Instagram.



The Photo booth experience is always a good sign of interaction told with videos and pictures. They help capture moments intended to be relished forever.

While there are several Photo booth types out there, the Kardashians have also found love in using these booths to tell their stories to their followers. In all of these, it would have been considered that the Kardashians own a Photo booth, however, this was done repeatedly by MirMir company.

MirMir Photo booths always help ensure the capture of fun moments. The sighted examples above help give a different angle to the types of photo booths available. The type of photo booth you choose will depend on your event needs, budget, and personal preference.

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