What are the types of Videography? Pt. 1
by Eguaogie Eghosa Jul 12, 2021 Views (317)
Videography is essentially the art of making and editing videos as well as filmmaking. But in what ways is videography useful? First off, is primarily the process of making movies and all kinds of videos. It is also a useful process in documenting or filming events that one doesn’t wish to forget. Memorable times like a wedding, childbirth, birthdays, wedding anniversaries, family picnics, children's graduation ceremony, and so forth.

While some people may engage the services of professional videographers for such occasions, others may opt to do it themselves. If you are one of those who want to handle it on your own; then it would prove very useful to know some of the basics of videography that will help you a lot. Below are some of the most common types of videography.

1. Advertising videos
This is the kind of videography used mainly as TV ads. They are usually made with professional models, celebrities, or individuals who advertise the use of such a company’s products. This kind of videography is usually made to either just introduce the product or to appeal to the interests of potential customers. They are usually creatively produced to advertise the products to lure potential clients.

2. Animated Explainer videos
This kind of videography includes animations used to explain a specific subject and are usually very useful in reaching their target audience which is the children. Examples of this type of videography may be seen in educational or even in explanatory videos.

3. Corporate- styles videos 
This type of videography is used to introduce corporate organizations or simply focus on the company rather than on an individual or product. These corporate-styles videos usually include shots of the corporate organization, their corporate buildings, and the staff of the organization, the environment, as well as other areas that may help to raise the appeal level of such a corporate body. Such videos are often accompanied by background music as well as voiceover narration.

4. Event videos
These types of videography are very popular as they are recorded during special events such as a party, a wedding reception, a baby’s christening, a birthday party, and others. There are many Videographers who do more of these kinds of videos almost everywhere.

5. Music videos
Are also very common but require a lot more professionalism than most of the types already mentioned as they are often shot with commercial appeal as a top consideration. Music videos are normally recorded performances of a song done by recording artists. Such videos are normally shot to reflect the theme of the song, dancing performances as well as visualizations.

6. Travel videos
These are the types of videos made by bloggers or travelers as they make their journeys around places of interest to them.  The objective of such videos is usually to provide insightful information about the places of their travels as well as to highlight the interesting features about such places with the intention of making recommendations about such places.

Travel videos document a period of travel by someone and may be done by travel agencies to showcase their travel promotions. Travel videos usually feature the places to travel, providing necessary information about what you can or cannot do in certain places and usually include the rates.

7. Documentary videos
As the name of this type of videography implies, this is a type of video that documents a subject, especially for research or studies. Documentary videos are the documents of a subject and are usually very informative and often interesting.

The videos as a medium of marketing products and services have the capacity to influence and inspire. And because we at the watchtower Dubai know this; we always endeavor to deliver video production that is unique and aesthetically pleasing and relevant videos that would help drive traffic to your business concerns. 

With our many years of experience in the field and consequently accruing expertise in videography; at the FilmDistrict Dubai, we can offer you specialized services in any of the videography areas highlighted in these articles.

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