What Are the Three Main Stages of Video Production? Pt.2
by Eguaogie Eghosa Jul 10, 2021 Views (228)
In the first part of this series; we were able to show that video making is a process; a process that involves three interwoven but distinct stages: Pre-production (or the planning) stage, Production (or filming) stage, and the Post-production (or the editing) stage.

Each of these stages is crucially significant to having a well-made video production and this article attempts to highlight these crucial stages by emphasizing the importance of the planning process known as the pre-production stage.

In this second part, we take a good look at the remaining two stages involved in video production and how to use them to make compelling videos and films for whatever their purposes might be.

Here is a look at the production and post-production stages

2. Production of Filming Stage
Like the pre-production stage; there are also several key factors to put into consideration while shooting a video filming. The first of such is “safety”. Accidents of all kinds can handle in a workplace like the one required for video production; but then, we must leave nothing to chance. Efforts should be made to tape up or cover wires that may be a danger to the crew, lights props, or stands should be weighted down and shooting equipment should be moved or handled with great care.

When on location, you should ensure that you keep a watchful eye on your equipment and make sure that they are properly secured if you have to leave it. It may be wise to use an equipment sign-in/sign-out form to keep track of where your equipment is and to reduce the risk of forgetting or leaving anything behind.

The best way to ensure this is to give yourself sufficient time to set up your equipment and pack up afterward.

Another way of guaranteeing that your crew is both safe and responsible for the safety of the equipment is to make sure that everybody on the shoot knows beforehand what their roles and responsibilities are. Delegate the responsibilities; there should be someone directing and another person taking responsibility for the shoot, lighting, and sound. Let everybody know who to consult should there be any issues or problems.

Make sure that all the batteries are adequately charged and spares are available also as you don’t want to be caught without power in the middle of a video shoot. Ensure that everyone has the means to contact everybody else, especially if you are working in a large space such as a factory or sports stadium and all equipment is in good working condition.
 3. Editing
As soon as the filming is completed, you should download the raw footage to a central storage location as soon as possible to avoid damage or corruption of the file. From there, the footage can be copied onto a local machine and the video editing can then commence.

You can use any of the latest software such as Final Cut Pro, Cinema 4D, Logic Pro to edit your videos. The advantage of editing, especially with the right kind of equipment and tools is that you can manipulate the raw data in such a way that the final output of the video production can give you a picture that far exceeds the capacity of the original take.

The video production or filmmaking process is one that very much takes into consideration when whooping in excitement to some of the blockbuster movies on the big screen. However, every stage of the tripartite process is essential to achieving good video production; whether it is meant for TV, home viewing, corporate use, or the big screen.

For the amateur video maker or the professional filmmaker, following through on the three stages of filmmaking can ensure that you have a video that not only meets your objective but also appeals to the viewer.

Video Production is fast becoming a lucrative endeavor for young entrepreneurs, especially as there are opportunities to use their skills either to promote their brands as is now common with social media video hosting apps or producing for corporate organizations for the promotion of their brands and corporate identity.    

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