What are 5 Careers in Video Production?
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The entire process involved in making a video is what is known as video production. Irrespective of the purpose of the production; whether it is a short film, a feature film, a television advertisement, a music video, or any other form of film, the process is the same. 

Most people are not aware that that there are a few more people involved in video production than just a guy with a camera. A video production team is made up of a variety of skilled individuals usually possessing an educational background in film or even a cinematography degree, who are each saddled with a specific role to play. 

This article attempts to highlight 5 of the most important roles involved in ensuring the success of film production and the career that is spawned by them. It should also help you to have some insights into how challenging but crucial each task is to the success of the video production process. 

Here are the different video production jobs you should know 

1. Director 
The role of a film director is all-encompassing. The director of a film or video production is in charge of the production’s success. Directors look over the production of a film and ensure that all aspects of the film shoot are properly planned out and executed. The director mentally pictures the script, organizes the resources, and directs the actors and crew to finish the picture. Directors also have the responsibility and absolute control over the dramatic and technical aspects of the film.
2. Editor
Not everything on a video or film production is as you eventually see it. Most times, it takes the incredible skills of a video editor to make a video or film production the interesting or exciting production it eventually turns out to be. Like the director, the video editor has to be able to mentally see the things that are not there or that should not be there on the final production.

For a spectrum of projects, a video editor has the responsibility to filter through raw video or film footage and decide what should or shouldn’t be on it. To achieve this, an editor also has to work closely with the director since he is the one that oversees both the dramatic and technical aspects of the production. Thus, the editor also makes sure that the editing work is done according to the director’s vision for the final product.
3. Cinematographer
A lot of things have been written about cameras and lighting and their role in film and video production. However, the job of the cinematographer is often overlooked compared to those of the director and the editor. The camera and lighting crew, alongside the Director of Photography, ensure that video production is successful taking charge of the look, color application, lighting, and framing of every shot in a movie.
4. Art director
The art director in film and video production is considered the film’s production ‘language’. They help the director and the entire film crew involved in film production to understand what the actual, on-screen picture would look like and how to achieve it. They often work with movie board designers to create drawings and artwork that visually interpret the production shoot process; enabling the director to effectively convey the creative vision to the rest of the team.
5. Sound Engineer
On any project, a sound engineer has the responsibility of all audio and sound recording, collaborating with a boom operator to ensure the video has the best sound effect possible. The sound engineer also has the responsibility of setting the microphones and other sound equipment to use as well as where to mix and record as required.

There are obviously other careers that are not mentioned in this article, and although you may work in one of such areas that miss out on the list above or at the end of movie credits; this, however, doesn’t change the fact that there are a few more people who are involved in the filmmaking process. People who are equally so important to the entire crew that even the absence of any one of them may bring the entire production process to a halt. 

So, to produce a great video, it takes an army of different talents and all of whose roles are important.

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