Video Production Technology Marketing Trends for 2023
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List of Video Technology Marketing Trends Used in 2023

Technologies and marketing strategies are always changing in the quick-changing digital world. 

The Ability of Marketing

In today's digital era, video marketing is the most successful strategy for connecting with consumers. 90% of customers feel that films aid in their decision-making according to a recent survey. 

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality was created to be a computer generated simulation allowing users to get a full feel of a 3D environment like they are actually in the scene. Virtual reality makes use of controllers and headset to give the user a virtual world feeling. 

The headset is designed with a screen in front of the users eyes showing them the virtual environment while the controllers are used to interact with the digital world giving the user a sense of control and presence.

How does Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality functions by tracking the movements of users and using this to adjust the virtual environment. The headset used in virtual reality has sensors used to track the users head movements and at the same time the controllers are tracking the users hand movements. 

This tracking is vital because it allows the virtual environment to respond to the users actions in real time giving the user a sense of immersion.

Augmented Reality

This is a technology that spreads digital information onto the physical world in order to enhance our perception of how we see reality. Unlike virtual reality, augmented reality does not need you to wear a headset or a controller, it can give you its full experience through a tablet or a smartphone.

How Augmented Reality Work?

Immediately an object has been recognized by using your smart phone cameras, digital information used to create an augmented reality experience is overlaid onto it.

AR has a way of also using GPS and other sensors to track the users orientation and location allowing a more personalized and interactive experience.

Live Streaming

The popularity of live streaming has long been on the rise, and it is expected to remain dominant in 2023.It is used by most corporate video production house and businesses may interact with their audience through live streaming which fosters an intimacy and feeling of urgency that is difficult to replicate with pre-recorded material. Businesses are finding it simpler to live broadcast their content to a larger audience thanks to services like facebook live, instagram live,twitch and other social media services.

The Technology Behind Live Streaming

Live streaming is used by many film production companies and it makes use of different hardware and software technologies to make real time broadcasting possible. 

To make a video live you will need a camera or a mobile device and internet connection, from here a software encoder takes the audio and video received from the camera and compresses it into a digital format that can be streamed over the internet.


Since a while ago, personalization has been a marketing term, and video marketing is no exception. Businesses will utilize content to customise consumer experiences more and more in 2023. Targeted commercials, tailored video messaging, and interactive videos may all be used to accomplish this.

Short-Form Video

Younger viewers, who have shorter attention spans, can be easily engaged by watching short-form videos.

How Short-Form Video Works

Fundamentally, short-form video is all about swiftly grabbing viewers' attention and providing an engaging experience. These short content, which normally last between 15 and 60 seconds, are made to be watched on the move. To keep viewers interested, they frequently use eye-catching images, quick editing, and appealing music. Beyond the surface level, though, short-form video is also about forging bonds of connection and community. Short-form video has a way of uniting people, whether it's through specialized hobbies or recognizable memes.

Interactive Video and how it Works

It has been seen that by providing interactive elements, you can keep viewers engaged for a longer periods of time and this can increase their chances of making decisions based on your messaging. Interactive video works has also been seen to also allow the user to channel their content to your audience interests and preferences giving your messages more relevance and personality.

3D Animation

This is very popular among many film production companies in Dubai and is a well liked trend in video marketing, 3D animation technology is becoming more widely available and more reasonably priced. Videos may be made that are interesting to watch and aesthetically attractive with 3D animation. Businesses will utilize 3D animation in 2023 to produce explainer films, brand awareness, and product demos.

User-Generated Content

Building brand recognition and customer loyalty through user-generated content is highly effective and is popular among most video production companies in UAE. Businesses will continue to make advantage of user-generated content in 2023 by enticing clients to produce and distribute their own videos showcasing their goods or services

Emotional Storytelling

An effective technique to engage with clients and create a long-lasting relationship with them is through emotional storytelling. To establish a stronger connection with their audience in 2023, firms will employ emotional storytelling in their marketing more frequently. Personal tales, client testimonials, and social impact videos can all be used to make emotionally engaging stories.

Artificial Intelligence

The way that organizations handle video marketing is changing because to artificial intelligence (AI). Businesses will utilize AI in 2023 to analyze video data, customize video marketing, and improve content. Businesses will be able to provide their consumers with more pertinent and interesting content thanks to AI-powered marketing, which will increase customer engagement and conversion rates.

How AI Works

Combining a variety of algorithms and methods, AI enables computers to mimic human intelligence. AI may be seen from a variety of perspectives, such as rule-based systems, machine learning, and deep learning.

Rule-based systems base their judgments on a set of preset rules and logic. These rules, which may be extremely complicated, are founded on a series of if-then expressions. However, rule-based systems are constrained by their lack of adaptability and incapacity to deal with novel circumstances.

On the other hand, machine learning employs a series of algorithms to learn from data. A collection of labeled data is used to train the machine before it utilizes the data to generate predictions or choices. Compared to rule-based systems, this method is significantly more adaptable and can handle novel circumstances.

5G Technology

5G technology is has proven to be very effective and is set to transform the video marketing industry in 2023, 5G technology gives you faster download and upload speeds for any of your files. With this, video production companies in UAE will be able to deliver high-quality video content to their customers in a more efficient and effective way. 

This will help media production companies in Dubai to create more engaging and interactive products like virtual reality and augmented reality experiences.

How 5G is Different from 4G

The 5G technology is a significant upgrade from 4G technology in terms of speed, connectivity and latency, while 4G networks gives you a maximum download speed of 1Gbps but 5G networks can also achieve a download speeds of up to 10Gbps. 

The 5G networks has a lower latency rate of less than one millisecond compared to 4G networks that has an average latency rate of 30 milliseconds.

Shoppable Videos

Shoppable videos will be used by firms in their marketing efforts more frequently in 2023 in an effort to boost sales and conversion rates. Targeted video marketing, influencer collaborations, and product demonstrations may all employ shoppable videos.

How Do Shoppable Videos Work?

Shoppable videos enable viewers to engage with the items being displayed by incorporating clickable hotspots into the video content. 

Micro-Influencer Marketing

Micro-influencers on social media have smaller fan bases than macro-influencers but better engagement rates. To target specialized audiences and create a more genuine brand image, businesses will increasingly include micro-influencer marketing into their marketing campaigns.

Mobile Video Marketing

More people than ever before are watching videos on their mobile devices, and mobile video consumption is quickly expanding. 

The Processes of Mobile Video Marketing

The procedures for developing a successful mobile marketing strategy are as follows:

Step 1: State your goal

It's crucial to identify your objectives and target market before you begin producing projects. What do you hope your marketing strategy will accomplish? Whom are you trying to reach? You may make videos that are more interesting and successful by being aware of your objectives and target audience.

Step 2: Create Compelling Content

A mobile marketing campaign's success depends on producing engaging content for your target audience. Your films have to be aesthetically beautiful, educational, and enjoyable. People have limited attention spans when it comes to mobile material, therefore they should be concise and to the point.

Step 3: Optimize Your Videos for Mobile Devices

Different strategies are needed for mobile marketing than for traditional video marketing. It's crucial to optimize your films for mobile devices because more people are watching on smaller displays. This involves ensuring sure your movies load quickly and are suitable with a variety of mobile devices.

Step 4: Promote Your Videos

Once local video production companies create their video, This is the stage where you need to promote them to gain awearness. There are various ways you can promote your project, you can di it on places like social media platforms, websites and mobile apps or you can use paid advertising to reach a wider audience.

Reason for the Success of Mobile Video Marketing

There are numerous reasons for the success of mobile video marketing because of its ability to engage its targeted audience. Videos are more interesting to watch than in text form which can help you emotionally engage your targeted audience.

Mobile marketing is economical because contents are made and shared at a reasonable price especially in comparison to more conventional forms of advertising like TV ads.

Its advertising is quantified meaning you can monitor the success of your films and make changes as necessary to enhance them.

Video Email Marketing

A potent method for interacting with your audience and promoting conversions is email marketing. By integrating content into your email campaigns, you can provide your readers a more engaging and interactive experience.

How Does Video Email Marketing Work?

This is the act of creating content and then adding it to your email campaigns. There are different ways you can do this like adding videos directly into your emails, linking them to content hosted on your website or using animated GIFs.

Once your content has been created, you can now use an email marketing service provider like constant contact, mail chimp or campaign monitor to send your email campaigns.

User Generated Content

User generated content has proven over the years to be an excellent way to connect with your audience and build a sense of trust with your brand. 

User generated content is all about encouraging your customers to create and share their own ideas related to your brand. This type of content has been seen to be highly engaging and authentic providing a unique perspective that gets the attention of the viewers.

Reason for the Popularity of User Generated Content

Over the past couple of years user generated content has become popular because of its authentic nature, being trustworthy and at the same time engaging a brand created content. 

Consumers trust the reviews of other consumers more than they trust brands what the brand says and user generated content has given the platform where customers can give their review on their experience using the product. 

User generated content has also been seen as more resonance and relatable with people on a personal level. It provides social proof which people like and is also a powerful motivator for people to try their product or service.

How Does User-Generated Content Work?

UGC operates by utilizing the strength of the populace. Users effectively become brand ambassadors when they provide content on a company or item. With their network of friends, family, and followers, they are exchanging their experiences, viewpoints, and advice. This has a cascading effect, increasing awareness of the company or its goods. UGC also offers insightful data about how consumers use and view the brand or product, which may help shape future marketing plans.

360 Degree Video

360 degree videos has the capability of providing a user with fully immersive experience allowing users to explore a virtual environment from any angle of their choice. 

This technology has become a mandatory use for many brands because of its effectiveness and we expect to see more businesses using 360 degree video in their marketing campaigns in 2023.

360 Degree Video Capturing

These cameras are positioned at various angles and orientations to provide a full picture of the area. A seamless, 360-degree image is produced by stitching the individual segments of the scene that each camera records together.


Businesses who want to stay ahead of the curve in 2023 will need to adopt these technology marketing trends as video marketing is growing quickly. Film production Dubai can now produce more engaging and effective content that connects with their audience by utilizing virtual reality and augmented reality technologies, live streaming, personalization, short-form videos, interactive, 3D animation, user-generated content, emotional storytelling, AI, 5G technology, shoppable, and micro-influencer marketing.

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