Tips for Shooting Commercial Product Photography
by Eguaogie Eghosa Jun 04, 2021 Views (217)
Commercial product photography can be attractive and appealing. After all, they say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Or even more! They are deliberately shot that way to lure us into buying them. This is why Commercial Product Photography is one of the most interesting types of photography there is.

As more and more people take to online shopping in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic, commercial product photography has become even more integral to the world of eCommerce. The convenience of e-commerce nonetheless, the commercial product photography is equally important to the segment of the society who, though may not be easily persuaded to shop online; are still given to the appeal of browsing product catalogs, brochures or just visiting sites on the internet to know what sort of products are available to them in the market.
But to get more and more people to buy online requires a lot of persuasion through commercial product photography. You have to be able to create eye-catching photos of your products that will give them the same kind of confidence that can get from walking into a storefront and feeling the tangible products for themselves.

However, Commercial Product Photography involves a lot more than the mere ability to simply point a camera lens at a product and shoot. So, what does commercial product photography involve?

What Commercial Product Photography Means
Commercial Product Photography is used to sell or promote a product or service. This definition appears to be generic; this is because, commercial product photography covers a broad range of commercial uses such as in product advertising, merchandising, product placement, packaging, corporate brochures, restaurants’ menus, social media marketing, and every other place that companies sell their products and services.

Ordinarily, the importance of commercial product photography is to enhance the message in the text. 
This is because; the picture is what people see first. As a result Commercial Product photographers attempt to create images that appeal to and optimize the emotions and thoughts of their audience.

Tips for Shooting Commercial Product Photography:
Commercial product photographers use a variety of techniques to meet client communication objectives. Below are 6 tips to help you shoot commercial product photography.

1. Use Compelling Composition

If you want your viewers to be able to focus on a visual element that is capable of arousing their emotion; then your photographs should have direction. This can be achieved by using a proper compelling composition that is designed to direct flow through the images. Artists like Da Vinci, Degas, and Henri  Cartier-Bresson, amongst others, use the principle of thirds and the ratio in their compositions and it is still the most effective method of artistic composition.

2. Ensure Superb Lighting

Lighting takes a lot of doing in any form of photography. Mastery of the effective use of lighting takes years of experimentation and practice. Endeavor to learn about the physical properties of light; because certain types of light, can either improve or hinder your product photography.
You have to remember that buyers get the best look at items in person, where they can see everything before buying. The right lighting arrangement can help you to reveal these critical decision-making product features that can help online shoppers to make the buy decision.

3. Colour Strategy

Use colour to express products in such a way that they appeal to the audience's natural aesthetic values without being gaudy or drab. Use every coloir in the colour spectrum; only be sure of your colour organization and combination.

4. Use a Tripod for Photographic Consistency

Handheld camera is a basic skill every photographer has to learn and master. There may be situations where you may need to shoot freely and using a tripod may not be very convenient. But similarly, there may be shoots in which you want to eliminate photographic inconsistencies. Standardizing each of your product orientations may be difficult using handheld techniques.
To ensure consistency across all your products you will need to use a tripod. And acquiring one may not be too much of a financial demand as many less expensive versions can serve the purpose.

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