The Top 10 Up-and-Coming UAE Musicians You Should Know
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The adage "music is the wine that fills the cup of silence" is clearly echoed by Emirati musicians, whose brilliant performances are informed by their culture, history, and legacy.

There’s some terrific news for any music fans traveling to the United Arab Emirates: the local music industry is thriving, and the artists coming out of this little nation are exceptional, amazing, and all-around fantastic. It's advisable to start following the fantastic musicians that are now making waves in the nation right away so you can listen to their music and see them perform live before they become well-known elsewhere.

Fans in the UAE are in for a treat as a result of how quickly the local music scene is expanding. There are many renowned and emerging artists in the region, ranging from exceptional and stunning Emirati talent to fantastic musicians from various nations.

1. Vandalye

You should listen to or, even better, watch this band. Thomas and Lucas, twins from Belgium, and Scott, a singer from the United Kingdom, make up the trio known as Vandalye. The alternative folk band, which won the Time Out Magazine Life Night Award for "Highly Recommended Best Dubai Act," is perhaps one of the UAE's most rapidly expanding ensembles. After the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Vandalye performed in front of a crowd of over 25,000 as the one and only Lionel Richie's opening act. 

As part of the Red Bull Opening Act Initiative in 2017, Vandalye also served as Elton John's opener at a concert held in the Autism Rocks Arena. On an occasion that took place at PizzaExpress Live at the Bay in 2018, they also provided the backdrop for Newton Faulkner.

The group is currently stationed in Hamburg, where they are working on their debut album, which should establish Vandalye as a household name in the United Arab Emirates and possibly elsewhere.

2. Jay Abo.

The future is bright for this Lebanese singer-songwriter. The 25-year-old singer Jay Abo is most known for his bluesy original songs like "Wait For Me" and "City Lights," both of which are featured on his upcoming album FRAMES and are predicted to soar his career to new heights. Jay Abo also has some amazing covers in his arsenal. This musician performs his songs all across Dubai and Abu Dhabi and can captivate an audience with only his voice, guitar, and a loop pedal.

3. Hasan Malik.

This teenage musician from Houston has gained notoriety in the UAE after performing at the Dubai Arena in front of well-known worldwide performers like Coldplay and Rihanna. The 17-year-old Hasan Malik, who won the Yasalam AE Emerging Talent Competition in Abu Dhabi, has since established himself as a legend in the region's music scene because of his unique blend of soul and modern R&B. The musician has arrived to perform at Virgin Radio's RedFest DXB, one of the biggest music festivals in the Middle East, in front of 5,000+ spectators.

4. Jamil Jabbour.

Jamil Jabbour, 24, is of Lebanese descent but was born and raised in Dubai. This musician truly loves music, as he spends every waking hour immersed in it. Jamil has established a reputation for himself in the UAE, performing at venues including The Food Truck Jam, Abu Dhabi Corniche, Stereo Arcade, and du Arena. His voice is unique and will send the floors trembling. He was not only the runner-up in the Yasalam AE Emerging Talent Competition at Beats on the Beach 2016, but he also opened for Coldplay with his band, Inition.

5. Millie Page.

Millie Page is a young British star who has established herself in the local music industry despite being only 15 years old. The musician has 12 original songs in her repertoire as of the time of writing, having released her debut EP in April 2017. She has performed in places including the Dubai Marina Music Festival, the Red Bull Festival, and the Emirates Golf Club Food Truck Jam thanks to the interest generated by her indie-inspired sound. Additionally, Millie has been asked to perform at Middle East Jukebox and conduct an interview for the nearby radio station.

6. Monteath

This four-piece band has a distinctive sound that has elements of John Mayer and Kings of Leon, two significant musical influences. The members of the multiethnic band Monteath—Josh, Alex, Andrei, and Eemon—all grew up in the United Arab Emirates while having roots in Chile, Portugal, the Philippines, India, and the UAE. The group has played in a number of well-known venues in Dubai, including The Fridge, and is most recognized for its unique music with a rhythm. As they presently record their own album, Monteath will undoubtedly continue to rise in the local music industry.

7. Rony Sarkis.

Rony Sarkis, 23, only requires a harmonica, a guitar, and, of course, his voice to dazzle an audience. Since he began performing at age 14, the Lebanese musician has drawn inspiration from artists like Matt Corby, Paolo Nutini, and Eric Clapton. For Rony, music is the purest form of self-expression, inspiration, tranquility, and peace. He has performed at some of the major clubs and music festivals in Dubai, including the Walsa Music Festival, thanks to his strong voice and excellent original songs as well as covers.

8. As Per Casper

The skilled musicians Carla, aka Casper, Moustafa, Wadeeah, and Zachary make up As Per Casper. The performer and songwriter Carla, a Syrian-Palestinian, frequently performs in Dubai with other excellent artists. The group is well-known for its symphonic folk-pop sound with a dash of Arabic, which makes their songs catchy and enjoyable. 

The group performs using a variety of instruments, including the piano, guitar, darbuka, and oud.

Following the November 2016 release of their debut album, Hit The Ground, As Per Casper gained popularity. The album quickly rose to the top of the iTunes Middle East rankings, solidifying their dominance in the UAE's music market.

As Per Casper has played at the opening of Apple's flagship shop at the Dubai Mall, the Fete de la Musique 2018 at the Dubai Opera, and Expo 2020,

Additionally, the MegaStore's compilation album, "Outloud Volume," included their song, "Fear." The incredibly well-known maker of audio goods, SHURE, supports the band.

9. Jaye & Foe

The Dubai-based ensemble Jaye & Foe is sure to make all jazz fans swoon. The band, which consists of Faye, Joe, Dean, Dave, Ben, and Satya, offers folky jazz music that is sure to get the audience moving. The EP Bad Reaction by Jaye & Foe, who are best known for their original music, may be found here. These musicians have gained enormous acclaim on the music scene in the United Arab Emirates, and they were the 2016 Jack Daniels Music Scouts Dubai winners.

10. Michelle Wong

Singaporean musician Michelle Wong was raised in Dubai. Stevie Wonder, Amy Winehouse, Etta James, and Joss Stone are a few of the musicians who have influenced her work and inspired her love of soul and funk. For the past two years, this vocalist has given performances in Dubai at some of the finest and most opulent locations available, including Sass Café, Atmosphere, and Atelier M. Every Wednesday night for night brunch, Michelle can be seen performing with the great saxophonist Manuel Kev at Intersect By Lexus.

It is clear that music in the UAE has evolved beyond the traditional Arabic performances that have transcended centuries of socio-cultural development. There are a growing number of young and upcoming UAE musicians that will doubtless be on everyone's lips sooner rather than later.

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