The Dubai Cinematic Experience Top 5 Cinemas in Dubai
by Eguaogie Eghosa Apr 18, 2021 Views (413)

Any good movie buff will enjoy a good movie no matter where or what medium he watches on. Movies are a great way to relax; excitement and adrenaline, especially when you watch movies like the Fast & Furious franchise, Marvel’s ‘Avengers’ series, etc. But sometimes, the satisfaction of watching such movies is not maximized until we see them on the large screens of the cinemas with their optimized surround systems.

The excitement that comes with going to the movies is phenomenal for most people. No matter the genre that piques one’s interest, the movie theatre is one that usually brings a kind of satisfaction that would probably otherwise not have been ‘so great an experience’. So, whether it is an all-out action flick or some soapy lady drama; Dubai has got a cinema just for you because the city is buzzing with cinema life.

From al fresco outdoor screening centers to a place screening the best of indie movies, the list of Dubai’s best movie theatres below will ensure that you have the best cinematic experience in the city no matter what your movie fancy is.

Dubai Festival City Mall

Sure, there may be a dual Guinness World Record-breaking light and laser show, ‘Imagine’ at Dubai Festival City Mall, but there’s also an 18-screen Novo Cinema with 4D IMAX inside the shopping center. If you haven’t tried out a 4D cinema yet, are you even a movie buff? Step it up. Although with seats that move along to the action on-screen as well as technology making sure the audience smells every scent, you might want to pick your film carefully. If you’re looking for something a bit more luxurious from your cinema visit then head for Dubai's "seven-star" experience at Novo Cinemas, where you’ll be served top cuisine as you sit back and relax in a huge reclining chair. One of the very best cinema experiences in Dubai and one of the most fun too.

Sun-Wed 10am-10pm, Thu-Sat 10 am -midnight. Movie times vary. Dubai Festival City

IMG Worlds of Adventure

A visit to Dubai’s largest IMAX, Novo Cinema Cineplex at IMG World of Adventure will no doubt leave you dumbstruck.  This place boasts a huge screen measuring 24.4m wide and 13.8m high with a seating capacity for 360 guests, with movies shown with a 4K laser projection system. You have probably never had a movie experience like that anywhere else before. IMG World of Adventure takes cinema experience in Dubai to a whole new level. IMG Worlds of Adventure, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road

Cinema Akil

Unlike some other cinema centers, Cinema Akil is an independent movie theatre located in a converted old shipping container Alserkal Avenue in Al Quoz. It originally started as a pop-up across the region in 2014, taking four years of hard work from founder Butheina Kazim and her team to set up the permanent home. Now the independent cinema in Dubai has 133 seats and shows dozens of unique and independent films every single week. So, if you are down for a place where you can watch an indie movie while snuggling into mismatched cushions; then Cinema Akil is where you should be. Warehouse 68, Alserkal Avenue, Al Quoz

Rove Downtown

This one’s perfect for those who like to fall asleep before the trailers are even over (we’re looking at you, dads). You can now go from big screen to big bed at the press of a button. Reel Cinemas at Rove Downtown Dubai have swish sofa seating and a “Reel Boutique” concept. The intimate 46-seater cinema in Dubai's Downtown shows all of the latest blockbusters, along with football matches and regional releases. And you're only an elevator ride away from a cozy bed if you decide to make a hotel stay of it. The licensed cinema offers filmgoers a selection of food and beverage options to be purchased at the pre-lobby area, which will be delivered straight to your seats.

Rove Downtown Hotel, Downtown Dubai

Roxy Cinemas La Mer

If you feel like you have had too much sun while wandering around Dubai's beachside destination La Mer; well, a dark, comfy room with a blockbuster screening will sort that out for you. With luxury seating with lush comfortable armchairs to sink into and even dine-in options serving up everything from wagyu beef burgers to, of course, popcorn, just pick a flick and spend a couple of hours catching up on the latest movies at one of the most luxurious cinemas in Dubai.

While the list above is one that presents a personal opinion about cinemas in Dubai; the list is by no means exclusive or exhaustive. The guarantee is that, whatever your cinema experience desire is, Dubai cinematic world has got you covered; from one presenting reviews of the latest flicks to one screening the latest blockbuster hits, you are sure to have the experience to savor for a long while.

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