The ABCs of Video Production: How to Build a Video Marketing Strategy
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For the majority of the 2.91 billion active users that are said to be on the Facebook platform; the likelihood is that video content has been the most draw on this giant social media site. The importance of Video Production as a major marketing strategy for businesses is no longer a subject of debate.

If as a business or an individual, you have not yet hopped onto the video production train; you are certain to be left behind in the social media world.

For several years, video marketing has been a hot topic in the marketing world, with experts claiming that it is the future of content marketing. However, many small and medium-sized businesses still do not use video in their marketing strategy, if at all. We've seen several areas where these brands struggle in our work with clients, including budget, talent, buy-in, and consistency. Despite these obstacles, small to medium-sized businesses can outperform their competitors by implementing a strong video production marketing strategy.

In spite of all of the noise about video production marketing; only a small percentage of small to medium-sized businesses use very few videos in their marketing if any at all. As a Video Production Company in Dubai, our client experiences have revealed four major areas where businesses struggle:

Budget: Some businesses do not believe video production marketing can produce real results, while others simply believe they cannot afford it.

Talent: Most small marketing teams lack people with video production or acting experience.

Buy-in: Companies that use video marketing will have many people committed to leveraging video production content across the organization, including leadership, salespeople, customer service representatives, and subject-matter experts. However, achieving this level of buy-in across an organization can be challenging.

Consistency: While many brands have mastered the art of producing frequent and consistent written content, few have mastered the art of video production content.

With such apparent and remarkable challenges, it's, therefore, no great surprise that most brands still don't employ video production as a major component of their marketing efforts. The good news is that these entry barriers prove to be a chance to get ahead of your competitors - but that window is closing quickly.

To help our clients reap the benefits of video marketing, we've put together a framework that makes developing a video production marketing strategy much easier to approach and manage.


The ABCs of video content

The first thing that must be in place before a marketing team can use video production successfully in today's world is a complete mental shift: If your marketing team or company leadership view of video production for marketing is the same as they were a decade ago, it will be extremely difficult to create enough video production content to truly make a difference because you the challenges mentioned above will be ones you have to constantly contend with.

The best thing about creating video production content today is that it doesn't always have to be on this grand scale. The days of spending thousands of dollars and weeks on each video production are officially over.

It is our belief at Film District Dubai, The Best Video Production Company in Dubai, that every brand needs a strong mix of video content on three levels: A-level, B-level, and C-level.


1. A-level video content

Most brands are already accustomed to A-level video productions. These videos are the most expensive to produce because they are polished and well-produced. If your company has ever produced a television commercial or a brand overview video for your website, it was most likely an A-level production.

A-level video productions are most useful when your objective as a brand is to create a strong impression on the viewer. A-level video production will likely work best if it is the first time someone interacts with your brand or if you need to convey, for instance, that your video production company is professional and credible. This is why they are most advantageous for commercials, product videos, and company overviews.

When your primary goal is to convey authenticity or build a relationship with your viewer, avoid using A-level videos. A-level videos are also too expensive for most brands to use as consistent, regular video production content for social media, video SEO, email communications, or blogs.

A brand will require far fewer A-level videos than B or C-level videos. As a result, repurposing is the key to getting the most out of your investment in A-level video production content. Always think about how you can use clips or footage from your A-level content in things like social media posts and presentations, on your website, or as a quick way to add a little polish to a B or C-level video production.

Most brands will need to collaborate with a third-party Video Production Agency or marketing agency to create A-level videos. These videos will be scripted, shot with high-end cameras by people who know how to use them, will frequently feature paid on-camera talent, and will be professionally edited.


2. B-level video content

When a company creates a lot of video production content, the majority of it is usually B-level. These videos are well-planned but not flawless. The majority of the how-to videos and vlogs you watch fall into this category.

B-level video productions are ideal for building relationships with your video viewers because they allow you to show more authenticity than A-level videos and are less expensive, making them ideal for a consistent video production strategy. This level is appropriate for educational content, social media videos, video series, team or personal introduction videos, basic product demos, and video testimonials.

The best part about B-level videos is that they are frequently created by your own video production team. Even if you decide to outsource them, they will be much less expensive than A-level video productions because you can produce multiple videos at once or hire a third party for only one part of the video production process, such as editing.

All you'll need to make a B-level video production is a basic script outline (bullet points work great), someone on your team willing to go on camera, some basic video production equipment, and an entry-level video production editing program.

If you don't have anyone on your team who is comfortable shooting video from a smartphone and editing it together, we recommend getting training with us at Video Production Company in Dubai or hiring a student or recent graduate with those skills.

To make a success of B-level video production, you must show authenticity, volume, and consistency.

Authenticity: Brands that succeed with these videos aren't concerned with memorizing lines or appearing flawless on camera. You'd be surprised how much mannerisms like an "um" can help you sound more human and connect with your audience. However, it is still wiser to feature someone who is at ease in front of the camera, even if it takes some practice.

Volume: It is a case of the ‘more the merrier’ with having a high volume of video production. The more video production you make, the better, as long as you're producing valuable content.

Consistency: Publishing videos at regular intervals, like a blog, magazine, or newsletter, allows you to easily build an engaged audience of return viewers.


3. C-level video content

This is the level at which brands can truly connect with their target audience and differentiate themselves from the competition. C-level videos are raw, unpolished, and incredibly effective at humanizing your brand and its team.

To make a C-level video production, simply take out your phone or turn on your webcam, press record, and begin talking. You might want to prepare a few quick bullet points of what you're going to discuss, but even that isn't always necessary.

These video productions are ideal for sharing lessons learned on-site at industry events, highlighting key employees on social media, making your salespeople stand out in their prospects' email inboxes, and personalizing your customer service communications.

The most significant aspects of C-level video productions are that they can be customized for specific demographic and that they can help you disseminate information in near real-time. You can use them to add a punch to any email you send or to share lessons as you learn or think about them — which is often when you're most passionate about them and before the competition has a chance to discuss them.

C-level video productions still necessitate good lighting and audio quality, so our recommendation is that you invest in a low-cost portable light and lapel microphone, but you can easily get everything you need for less than $50. These video productions don't need to be shot by anyone else, and you rarely need to do any editing beyond occasionally cutting out or combining a couple of video production clips.



Video Production marketing is a powerful tool that small to medium brands can use to beat their competitors to the punch. By incorporating a mix of A-level, B-level, and C-level video content, brands can build a successful video marketing strategy that is both cost-effective and impactful. The keys to success are authenticity, volume, and consistency. By focusing on these factors, small to medium brands can reap the benefits of video marketing and take their marketing efforts to the next level. 

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