The 5 Best Visual Effects Films of the Twenty-First Century
by Eguaogie Eghosa Oct 09, 2021 Views (446)
Modern cinema's popularity is based on more than just a compelling plot and engrossing dialogue. There's a lot more to cinema than that. The success of the top visual effects movies is nearly always determined by the awe-inspiring scenes.

How do special effects improve a film?
We can believe that Neo can evade bullets, Yoda can lift a ship wing with his thoughts, and hobbits are genuine thanks to special effects. Over the last 20 years, visual effects have seen significant advancement and innovation. For the past two decades, virtual effects have given new meaning to the words "movie magic."

It's the outcome of the obstacles that directors have faced in the form of fanciful storylines that bring a fictional universe to life. There have been ways that have materialized the stuff of our wildest dreams, from motion capture technologies to computer-generated graphics.

Every few years, some of the best visual effects films are released, and they may easily be considered VFX game-changers in the cinema industry. We've compiled a list of the top visual effects films for you below.

1. Inception (2010)
Imagine someone like Paul Franklin collaborating with Chris Nolan; the result is certain to be fantastic. Inception was the same way.

He filled Nolan's visual universe with amazing CGI that was larger than life, whether it was a full Parisian street folding or skyscrapers appearing out of nowhere. Inception had a healthy mix of live-action and digital animation.

The capacity to bend the surroundings to control unexpected places, whether it's the visual appeal of a whole room turned upside down or a maze enlarged to the full city space, all require tremendous dexterity in visual effects.

2. Ex Machina (2014)
A tale of artificial and non-artificial intelligence, love and trust, sincerity and parenthood, surveillance ethics, and, above all, beer. This movie was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Visual Effects Film.

The film's VFX is notable for being live-action without the use of a green screen or tracking markers, and the special effects were all done in post.

The visual effects were so advanced that only the actress Alicia Vikander's hands and face were later rotoscoped on the frame, with the rest of her body digitally deleted and replaced with Computer Generated Images, like the robot's body parts and movement.

It's reasonable to say that this has all the makings of a fantastic VFX piece, with no obtrusions.
At no moment would you doubt Ava's authenticity. A clever blend of live-action and VFX.

3. Avatar (2009)
It's logical to anticipate that a film with substantial visual effects treatment will lose some of its emotional impacts. Avatar was a tremendously emotionally intense experience, despite being a VFX game-changer. It was the pinnacle of stereoscopic cinema, as one could expect from a director like James Cameron.

E-Motion capture and simulcam were used to combine digital and live-action footage. Cameron was able to witness the complete recording of CGI characters interacting with the Pandora environment play out in real-time on the screen.
Another problem was creating the characters and the alien world's habitat using only facial solutions, optical solves, and tracking.

All of the sceneries were hand-painted to give them a realistic feel. They paid close attention to the illumination in spherical environments and replicated it.

When Avatar won the Academy Award for Best Cinematography, Visual Effects, and Production Design, all of this attention to detail paid off.

4. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008)
This film was based on a short story written by F. Scott Fitzgerald. For the first 52 minutes of the film, the reverse-aging protagonist is not Brad Pitt.

Every time a new film with high-intensity VFX treatment is released, a new technique emerges. It was an emotional capture for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. From the neck up, they placed Pitt's reactions on other performers.
F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote a short tale that inspired this picture. The reverse-aging protagonist is not Brad Pitt for the first 52 minutes of the film.

A new technique emerges every time a new film with high-intensity VFX treatment is launched. For The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, it was an emotional capture. They projected Pitt's responses onto other actors from the neck up.

5: The Lord of the Rings Saga (2001 - 2003)
One may argue that Gollum's, Uruk- hai's, orcs', and Nazgul's monster designs are the best things to come out of the multi-million-dollar franchise's VFX.

The appearance and textures of their skin, the emotional display, and the movements were all flawless. Particularly Gollum.

When the films became box office triumphs, all of this rigorous attention to reality paid off. These were some of the most impressive visual effects films of the twenty-first century. There are a few others that come close in terms of finesse and plausibility. Take a look and see whether you enjoy them as much as we do.

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