Strategy for Viral Video Distribution
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Of course, you can only manage the popularity of a viral video to a certain amount when attempting to promote it, but you must get the ball rolling. Even the best videos require a push to get started and a little foundation to build on. While some videos appear to become viral simply at random, others are meticulously designed and can achieve high levels of success by nurturing the appropriate distribution techniques.

The usual guidelines apply, such as posting the video on every network feasible, such as Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, and your company's home page, though your best viral results will almost certainly come from YouTube and Facebook due to their large user bases.

1. Evaluation of Audience:

Evaluate your target audience first, then consider where they are most likely to congregate when devising a distribution strategy. If your film is about pets, for example, there are probably hundreds of pet-related Facebook groups and pages where you can share it. Instead of spamming other people's pages, use diplomacy and charm to get access to permitted positions. 

Whatever your niche, you'll be able to locate several Facebook groups that are interested in your video if it's well-made, shareable, and possibly humorous.

2. Focus on Your Video's Benefits:

Don't focus on how much traffic you need or how confident you are that your video will be the next big hit when looking for distribution outlets for your possible viral video. Concentrate on how your video will assist the group's viewers. Demonstrate value to the group administrator by encouraging them to share your video, almost as if they are participating in your achievement and offering a gift to their audience and followers.

Make sure you bookmark each group or return to answer video comments, communicate with viewers, and urge them to share it with their friends if they enjoy it.

3. Use Blogs as Well:

Though social media may be the simplest way for videos to become viral due to the ease with which they can be shared, don't overlook the possibilities of other Web sources such as blogs and news sites. Send it to every tech blog you can find, every tech journalist and writer you can find, and any site devoted to such industries if you have the perfect viral film that highlights the usefulness of a new technological product. As long as your film is well-made and relevant to their audience, you'll get some backers.

Remember that by supplying people with useful stuff to share, you are also assisting them. Many bloggers are constantly on the lookout for new content to publish since it relieves them of the burden of deciding what to write about each day or week.

4. Finally, don't let non-responses or negative responses discourage you:

It's a numbers game you're playing. The Internet is a massive network of information. To become a major hit, you don't need everyone to see your video; all you need is one out of every hundred people to see it. Even 10,000 views of a video will suffice for most businesses, as long as the traffic leads to sales and traction.

Every videographer, social media enthusiast, or organization wants its videos to go viral. Videos are the main attractions in these days of social media-driven society and knowing how to make good videos aren't enough anymore; you need to know what to do and how to do it to drive traffic towards your videos for you or your organization to get the desired traction that would bring the desired effects.

We at Film District Dubai, are a fully operational internet-based marketing company based in Dubai. We are committed to developing effective content and strategies for corporate brands who want to shine their business in the online world.

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