Snapchat Planets With Described Planet Order List - Latest 2023 Guide
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Snapchat has been a pioneer in introducing creative and captivating attributes to engage its users. Among its large indefinite measures of captivating features lies an astronomical bliss i.e., Snapchat Plus Planets with 8 Planet Orders.

 Snapchat planets are an intriguing feature that classifies your friends into distinct planetary categories. The categorization is based on their interaction and communication frequency. Likewise, the planets in the Snapchat solar system represent the level of closeness or engagement of your friends.


What are Snapchat Plus Planets?

Snapchat plus planet is not your regular feature. It requires paying for a premium membership that includes additional exclusive features for those who are willing to pay and access its offerings.

But considering your convenience, the feature is available for free as a trial. With this, you can try out the feature and make an informed decision about whether to get it or not. The free trial is only available for one week.


The US audience can experience being in Snapchat’s solar system at a monthly cost of $3.99. Its six-month subscription plan is $21.99 and an annual plan will cost you $39.99. Carry this in mind, this feature is released in stages for iPhone and Android users.


What Does Best Friend Planets Snapchat Mean?

Along with features like story timer, best friends forever, custom app icons, priority story replies, gift Snapchat+, map appearance, post view images, and friend snapscore change, “Friend Solar System” is one of the features of Snapchat Plus. It is also known as “Snapchat Solar Planets. Being a part of its solar system mirrors the identity of the planets.


For instance, you all know that “Mercury” is the closest planet to the sun. similarly, if you are assigned Mercury, it means that you have shared the highest number of streaks, and that individual considers you as the first closest friend. However, you can assign your top 8 friends with special planets based on your closeness with them.

The subscribers of Snapchat Premium receive “Best Friends” or “Friends” badge with a golden ring around their friend's profile. Are you wondering why badges are often applied? Whenever you click on it, you can see the planet you have assigned, or you are in your friend's solar system.


Friend Solar Snapchat Planets Order

The list comprises 8 planets. Those are as follows:


1. Mercury

In the context of Snapchat friends, the Bitmoji of this planet represented the person who has maintained the highest number of streaks, activities participate in chats and snaps. If you are assigned with Mercury, it simply means that you are the one with whom your friend interacts frequently and holds a special place while interacting on Snapchat. Mercury is pink in color with a red heart revolving around it.


2. Venus

Venus is regarded as the second planet close to Sun. It holds the position of 2nd closest friend. they are considered as an essential part of interactions but just a little further away than a friend assigned with Mercury. Venus is a beige planet with yellow, blue, and pink hearts.


3. Earth

The next planet Earth represents your circle of friends on Snapchat. the circle includes people you interact with regularly but may not be considered among your closest connections. It's Blue and green colour with red hearts and a little moon. The planet Earth demonstrates the diversity and richness in your interactions that create a balanced friendship.


4. Mars

Mars is the 4th nearest planet to the sun. Are you assigned to Mars? If that's the case then you lie on number 4 from the list of close friends. Mars indicates that the individual has a substantial level of interaction and is not as frequent as Earth, Venus, and Mercury. Mars is a red planet that includes a ring of red, purple, and blue hearts.


5. Jupiter

Jupiter is the fifth-nearest planet to the sun in Snapchat’s solar system. If you have assigned Jupiter to your friend than they need to comprehend that he/she is the fifth close friend. Jupiter is an orange color planet surrounded by no hearts but by stars.


6. Saturn

Saturn is a planet that is known for its beautiful rings and represents friends with low interactions. Saturn is assigned to convey that they occasionally engage on Snapchat with them. Saturn is a yellow-coloured planet with a golden ring around it.


7. Uranus

The 7th farthest planet to the sun is “Uranus”. Uranus planet is depicted in green colour surrounded by stars. It is assigned to convey that you have rare interactions.


8. Neptune

The last planet from Snapchat's solar system is “Neptune”. A friend assigned to Neptune is the one who has the least frequent interaction and contributes to the vastness of the social universe. Neptune is a blue planet with stars.

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