Rain Photography Guide: How to Shoot Photos in a Rainstorm
by Eguaogie Eghosa Dec 09, 2021 Views (261)
Taking excellent rainy-day images necessitates patience, perseverance, and a unique perspective on your subject.

Rain photography is difficult, and many photographers would rather wait for clear skies. Photographing rain and wet subjects necessitates the use of specialized equipment and settings, as well as the ability to compose in challenging situations while conveying a poetic message. Rain photography, unlike sunset photography, is characterized by low light, grey skies, unsaturated hues, and a large amount of water.

Regardless of their style, rain photographs are included in the portfolios of all outstanding photographers. This is for several reasons. Rain has an eerie, moody, and dramatic quality. It alters the landscape as well as the lives of those who live in it. Rain is never the same and is ideal for artistic expression. It can turn a mundane issue into something spectacular.

Rainproof Camera Equipment
Wet weather photography necessitates specialized equipment.

1. The Appropriate Camera
While smartphone photography has come a long way, DSLR cameras are still the best way to capture excellent images. Make sure you have a camera that works well in low light and that you know how to adjust the focal length and ISO. In bad weather, you'll need to photograph with a greater ISO and a higher dynamic range than you would in good weather.

2. Waterproof Camera case
Protect your digital camera with a waterproof case, as it is important and costly equipment. Choose a bag large enough to hold a couple of additional lenses.

3. A camera raincoat and lens hood
It's one thing to keep your camera safe in its bag. When you're out shooting in severe weather, you'll need to protect it as well. A plastic bag can get you through a short burst of harsh weather if you don't have a lens hood or a dedicated camera raincoat.

4. A tripod
Will help keep your camera steady if you're using a slow shutter speed to capture the beauty of falling water droplets.

5 Tips for Shooting Rain Photography
Shooting in wet weather necessitates some trial and error, but following a few simple guidelines will help you achieve better exposures and overall photographs.

1. Seek out unusual lighting options
When shooting rain, lighting from behind is ideal. Use artificial lighting sources to your advantage. Raindrops can be ignited by city lights, storefronts, traffic lights, and neon signs.

2. A medium to high ISO should be used
To obtain clear shots of falling raindrops, use your camera settings to match a high ISO with a rapid shutter speed. Longer exposures may be required in low-light situations, in which case the ISO should be reduced. High-end cameras may have an ISO sensitivity auto control option that helps you choose the right ISO.

3. Apertures should be large
Start with the f/8 stop when photographing heavy clouds and rainy conditions, then work your way up from there. Shutter speeds can be increased by using large apertures. If you are interested, you will almost always need to alter your aperture if you want to experiment with depth of field.

4. Get Conversant with Manual focus
Manual focus is a good thing to have. Raindrops right in front of your lens aren't calibrated for digital cameras. The autofocus function will choose a further away item as its focal point, which defeats the purpose of rain photography. Select your focal point by using manual mode.

5. Shoot in black and white if you want to try something different.
The dark, wet aspect of the weather lends itself to grey tones. The interplay of light and shadow in rain photos is emphasized in black & white photography.

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