Premiere Pro CC: 5 Quick and Easy Creative Effects
by Eguaogie Eghosa Oct 27, 2021 Views (310)
Video editing is an art form similar to any other. You'll always need tricks of the trade, whether you're just starting or an experienced pro. Some of these tips will save you time, while others can give a dull project a creative boost.

In any event, the key is to continue to learn.

Because Premiere Pro is part of the Adobe Creative Cloud, it comes with a slew of creative tools to help you realize your video-making potential. Let's take a look at a handful that go beyond the basics and provide fresh and exciting ways to operate.

You may add a variety of audio and visual effects to clips in your video program using Premiere Pro. An effect might give an unexpected feature trait or contribute a unique visual or auditory characteristic. Effects can change the exposure or color of footage, edit sound, distort visuals, or add aesthetic effects, for example. You can also rotate and animate a clip, as well as change its size and position within the frame, by using effects. The values you choose for an effect affect its intensity. Keyframes in the Effect Controls panel or a Timeline panel can also be used to animate the controls for most effects.

Take a look at this quick film on five or six quick and easy creative effects he likes in Premiere Pro CC.

1. Invert
The Invert option produces a significant alteration in your image, and I'd never think to use it myself, but I'm boring, so don't worry about what I think and give it a try.

You can alter the invert look to something more subtle by adjusting the chroma values. Combining the inverted image with portions of regular color using masking can also generate fascinating results.

It's worth a shot, but only in moderation.

2. Paint Bucket
This option makes me feel nauseous and nostalgic, but with a little tweaking, it may be quite beneficial. Using the feather, tolerance, and color parameters, you can create some unique effects that might be used in a music video or as scribbles.

3. Emboss
It's uncomfortable at first, but it can eventually turn into a cool RGB glitch effect. Emboss the image, then use a color blending layer to overlay it on top of it. This results in an intriguing black and white aesthetic with color accents.

Adding movement to the emboss effect can help to emphasize the glitchy RGB vibe even more. The emboss effect can also be used to give the image a sense of depth. Although it's a modest effect, it's worth a go.

4. Look for Edges
This, like the Emboss effect, requires a suitable blending mode. It results in an almost cartoon-like edge in the image.

5. Strobe
White flashes, such as those produced by a camera flash or strobe light, are what the strobe effect is most known for. In this case, it's more of a controller with a variety of parameters that, with little adjusting and testing, might yield some interesting results.

Glitch effects are even amazing than color flashes.

Color Gradient
This is an excellent way to make bespoke light leaks (not lens flare as suggested in the video). Unless you want to perform some lens whacking, this is a cheap and straightforward technique to make some simple leaks that, while they don't have any texture or complex movement, can still look great.

Even if you never use these effects in your edits, you should experiment with them all. With a little imagination, you can use Premiere Pro's effects and capabilities in new and fascinating ways. Even if you don't plan on employing a teleportation effect or an animated scribble right now, you might be able to leverage the abilities learned in those effects to build something fantastic and unique later!

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