Podcasts: Formats and Genres
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There are many various types of podcasts to fit your interests, whether you're into drama or real crime. If you want to start a podcast, here's a list of several podcast formats and genres to get you started.

What Is a Podcast and Why Should You Listen to One?
A podcast is a set of digital audio recordings that may be downloaded or listened to through the internet. A podcaster creates each audio recording, which is referred to as a podcast episode.

A podcast usually features an individual (or group) who hosts a conversation, tells anecdotes, or gives news updates. After that, the podcast producer edits the show and publishes it on a streaming service such as Spotify, Stitcher, iTunes, Google Podcasts, and Apple Podcasts. A podcaster's content may be released on a monthly or weekly basis.

With the introduction of the iPod, the history of podcasting began. "Podcast" is an amalgamation of the words "iPod" and "broadcast."

Podcast Genres: 12 Different Types
There are numerous subgenres and genres of podcasts. Some podcasts fall into numerous genres at the same time, resulting in a hybrid style and content that appeals to a wider audience. A quick rundown of podcast genres is as follows:

1. Comedy:
The primary purpose of comedy is to make the audience laugh. This material could be anything from stand-up performance to a witty panel discussion. Hybrids of comedy podcasts and other genres are common (like drama, game shows, or pop-culture podcasts). Many other podcasts include humour in their content, and comedy is a prominent podcast genre.

2. Drama:
A dramatic story, either fictional or based on a true occurrence, is told in this drama genre. In the narrative podcast genre, podcasters frequently unveil the story over several episodes.

3. Game Show:
This podcast hosts a tournament, usually with a regular host and a rotating cast of episodic contestants. Nonfiction podcasts may concentrate on trivia, word games, or unique challenges.

4. Health and fitness:
Hosts talk about exercise, diet, mental health practices, and lifestyle in this educational podcast, which occasionally features special guests.

5. Investigative journalism:
This is a type of journalism in which a journalist investigates a factual story over the course of multiple episodes. Politics, conspiracy theories, social media, historical events, and current news are all topics that are frequently discussed.

6. News:
This kind of podcast keeps listeners up to date on local, national, and international news, often focusing on a single issue.

7. Politics:
Hosts usually focus on a certain place, event, or political party in this informative podcast about politics.

8. Pop culture:
This type of podcast is among the most popular podcast categories, focusing on a certain aspect of society or culture, such as film, television shows, music, comic books, or video games.

9. Religion podcasts:
This genre of the podcast covers topics including faith, spirituality, and religion. Hosts may lead listeners in prayer, deconstruct scripture, or respond to inquiries.

10. Self-help:
This genre tries to assist listeners in making better living choices. Mental wellbeing, overcoming adversity, physical health, and work-life balance are just a few of the subjects covered in self-help podcasts.

11. Sports:
This educational podcast delves into a specific sport, such as basketball, hockey, baseball, or football, and may focus on a single team or bracket.

12. True crime:
This is a very popular podcast genre in which hosts investigate true crime stories.

What Is a Podcast Format?
The method podcasters organize and deliver content is referred to as the format of a podcast. Choosing and sticking to the correct structure will make your podcast feel well-thought-out, consistent, and memorable to listeners, making it easier for you to produce regular content.

6 Different Types Podcast Formats
Today's podcasters use a variety of podcast formats; here are a few of the most popular:

1. Interview Format:
In an interview podcast, the host invites various guests (single guests or a panel) onto the episodes and asks them guided questions to keep the conversation interesting and thematic. Because the content is provided by the guests, rather than the host, this conversational podcast style is one of the most popular.

2. Co-host conversation format:
Each episode of a co-hosted podcast has a conversation between two (or more) hosts, usually on a pre-determined topic. Each podcast host frequently takes on a specific function.

3. Monologue Format:
Each new edition of a monologue or solo podcast features a different host presenting on a different topic. Because all you need is a microphone and skill in a specific topic, the monologue is one of the easiest forms, to begin with.

4. Storytelling format:
A story is told across multiple episodes in this manner. The story can be nonfiction—for example, a true-crime podcast that delves into a difficult case—or fiction, in which characters embark on a long journey. It could be in the form of a narrative, similar to that of an audiobook, or it could be in the shape of a dialogue.

5. Repurposed format:
When a podcaster repurposes pre-existing content into a podcast, such as a standup routine, orchestra performance, or radio broadcast, it is known as a repurposed podcast. Because new content does not have to be recorded, this format is simple for new podcast hosts.

6. Bite-sized Format:
Traditional podcasts aim for each episode to be roughly forty minutes long, whereas bite-sized podcasts produce short chunks of content that may only last ten minutes. This format can be a fun way to try out podcasting without having to devote a lot of time to audio editing software.

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