A Guide to Writing a Proposal for your Video Production Company
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As a Top Video Production Company Dubai and in UAE, we have come to realize that we have a fantastic opportunity to win more business when a potential client inquires about our price. It's up to you, either as an organization or individual how much you take advantage of that chance. You may significantly improve your chances of landing the work by writing them a targeted and customized proposal.

A strong proposal can convince the client that you fully comprehend their needs and are the finest Video Production Company in Dubai for the job. It's a fantastic marketing tool that enables you to highlight your organization, what you bring to the table, and what makes you or your company especially equipped to perform superbly for them on their video.

Although writing from the perspective of our own Video Production Company in Dubai; the majority of what would be covered can be applied to any kind of video production company, including those that focus on weddings and events.


Are Formal Proposals Required for Each Potential Client?

Most of the time, in our opinion, the effort is typically worthwhile, presuming that you have pre-qualified the client. At Film District Dubai, we discover that a strong proposal gives us a considerably better chance of getting the job. But, creating it does take time, so make sure your services are within the client's budget before you begin.

For regular clients, it is advisable to use formal bids. Never assume that the clients you already have aren't looking at your rivals. In a proposal, you have the chance to remind them and their management of the benefits of choosing you in the past and why they should do so again.

We typically opt for a more casual approach in a few specific circumstances.

One of those is when a project's profit is modest. If the profit is extremely tiny, It might not be necessary to spend the time to create a formal proposal. In those circumstances, we often have a price discussion with the client before sending an email including the details. The only time we don't do so as a video production company in Dubai is if a client is trying us out with a modest project before hiring us for much larger projects in the future.


Your Proposal Must Be Professional in Outlook

When just starting out, you might have the need to employ a skilled marketing writer to develop a proposal form. Such a person should spend some time learning just what makes your business special and who your target market is. Then, you can create a proposal that you could adapt for each client, which can really be helpful!

Even if you can't afford to hire someone to do it for you, you should still make your own template based on your advantages and your particular target audience.

Nonetheless, it's crucial that your proposals read like they were produced by a professional. If your writing abilities are less than stellar, make sure to always have someone else look over and edit both your template and each proposal. Never send anything out from your business that has typos, grammatical problems, or spacing issues. Making a poor first impression is certain if you do it. These are just some of the steps we take at Film District Dubai to ensure that are proposals are professional in outlook.


What You Should Include in Your Proposal?

This will vary to some extent based on the client you're proposing to and the kind of project. Any information that demonstrates to the client your expertise in handling their particular job should be included.

As much as you can, make it specific to their business, project, and needs. For instance, be sure to highlight your previous experience if you plan to shoot a CEO of a corporation. Include previous employment with a business of a similar nature as well.

Also, you should project a good and expert image of your business. Make the most of every chance to brag about yourself. Anytime you get the opportunity to mention anything unique or alluring about your business, do so!

Consider mentioning your crew's outstanding credentials while discussing them. Of course, if you have nothing enviable to say about them, then leave it out. Never put anything in there that isn't truthful. At video production company in Dubai, we believe that honesty is the best policy.

You must also provide information about the project. We will be instructing you on how to draft contracts in subsequent articles. For us at Film District Dubai, the proposal we make for a client serves as the foundation of any contracts we make. It becomes simpler to provide thorough and precise information about the project in the proposal. Also, it conveys to the client your entire comprehension of their need.

Our suggestions are divided into the following sections:


1. Introduction

Your introduction should briefly describe the main goal of the project in the first sentence or two of your proposal. For an illustration:

For the goal of filming and producing a Video Production Company marketing video showcasing "Film District Dubai's" Video projects in Dubai, UAE.

This may be really easy to understand and straightforward. If it's an event, it's a good idea to mention the venues and the times.


2. About Our Business

This is your opportunity to really shine. Write about what makes you uniquely qualified to serve the customer in this section. Don't forget that your goal in this situation is to outperform your rivals, therefore don't be afraid to highlight your distinct advantages. Be sincere and avoid exaggerating anything. Nothing inflated. Share only information that you can support.

Usually in this section, we as a video production company in Dubai provides information:

- referring to the expertise and experience we possess that sets us apart.

- on our top-notch customer service.

- a condensed list of some of our clients, including those from businesses like yours.

- about testimonials, particularly from customers working on comparable projects. In this section, we typically include one or two client testimonials.

Your business most likely has an About Us page if you're stumped for topics to write about. Many of the ideas for our initiatives are on our "About Us" page, which you can view.

This part often takes up one to one and a half pages in our bids.


3. Project's Purpose

Here, Film District Dubai usually describe the project's specifics and the services we'll be offering. We begin with an overview that provides a basic, slightly more in-depth summary of the project than the introduction. After that, we provide more specifics using subsections like:

- Script

- Shooting

- Editing

- Cost

Remember to mention anything that can make your organization seem appealing throughout this area. Further information on what to include in such sections is provided below:

Script: Provide a brief description of the procedure and the scope of your services in the script, if you're authoring it. If you have a talented writer, you can mention their background and credentials. This is the practice at Video Production Company in Dubai.

Shooting: Add information regarding the shoot, such as the crew members, the equipment used, the timings, locations, backdrops, etc. We also highlight any contributions made by the customer, such as tools or talent for the camera.

Editing: In this section, we include everything that will be edited, including the addition of PowerPoint slides, stock video or photos, music, voiceovers, etc. Once more, we also specify any materials that the client will provide, such as logos, pictures, PowerPoint slides, etc.

If it's relevant, we explain the format in which the client will submit their material to us and the format in which they will receive the finished product. We also provide the anticipated runtime of the video.

Cost: It goes without saying that this is where we break down the client's costs. Keep it orderly and scannable at all times. At Film District Dubai, our expenses for the shoot and the edit are often broken down separately. In our experience, having two inexpensive goods rather than one expensive item helps to lessen sticker shock.

It's crucial to organize things beforehand. We do not want any indication of unstated expenditures. We also provide information on the following in the cost section:

- the method of payment: wire transfer, cash, or credit.

- expenses that are not covered by the fee, including shipping or lunch during a shoot.

Hence, a project statement might be stated as follows:

*This cost is predicated on the client using a business check to pay. Shipping and lunch during the shoot are not included. These charges belong to the client.


4. Next Steps

The next step in our proposal at Film District Dubai, is to outline the client's next steps for them. This needs to prompt action. We inform them who to contact if they have any inquiries or wish to proceed. By utilizing color and all capital letters in the headline, we draw attention to and make it simple to locate this section.


5. Additional client reviews

Although there are a few endorsements in the "About Us" section, there are more at the conclusion of the proposal. Why not use the chance to impress them if you can! Such additional suggestions of your previous successfully executed projects ought to have an advantageous effect.

When everything is considered, a well-written proposal of this nature leaves a lasting impression.

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