How to Become a Visual Development Artist
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What Is Visual Development?
Visual development artists are in charge of all that goes into developing a new world's visuals and feel in the cinema or video games. Visual development is a visual arts profession concerned with creating a world's appearance, feel, and environment. Designing an environment, establishing a colour palette for the environment, and sketching the characters that are a part of it all fall under the category of visual development. People in this sector are mostly involved in 2D or 3D animated production (for TV and cinema) and video game creation, although they can also work in advertising, app development, and live-action film. Visual development work is often done during a project's pre-production phase and establishes the visual tone for the final result.

What Is a Visual Development Artist?
A visual development artist (sometimes known as a "vis dev artist") is a multimedia artist who works in the field of visual development or specifically on animated films and television shows. They are in charge of creating the story's universe and characters. Lighting, colour keys, and visual effects (VFX) are used by visual development artists to create immersive, cinematic worlds for audiences.

Graphic designers and animators are frequently used by visual developers. Because these artists are in charge of creating an environment for a film or video game from the ground up, this is a very creative field. A concept artist develops the original visual depiction of the artwork for a specific piece of media—usually video games or live-action shows—although concept art and concept art are sometimes used interchangeably. Visual development artists are in charge of creating a more detailed portrayal of a world, which may be based on the concept artist's initial work.

What Jobs Are Available in Visual Development?
Visual development artists are responsible for a variety of tasks and can work in a variety of capacities. The following is a list of some of the tasks that a visual development artist can perform.

1. An environment design artist:
Designs the environments and backdrops of TV shows, video games, and films to fit the project's genre and storyline. They're usually well-versed in landscape design, architecture, and geography, and they know how to use colour theory and props to construct a world's setting and tone.

2. Character design artist:
A character design artist takes a concept artist's early sketches and turns them into more fully developed characters. To make a character feel more lifelike or rounded-out, a character design artist will create physical traits, idiosyncrasies, habits, and other traits.

3. Animators:
Make cartoons and other digital art for entertainment or professional reasons in sectors such as television, film, and advertising. To bring images to life, animators might use either 2D or 3D techniques. They also work with other members of the production team, such as writers and producers, to create a project's universe.

4. Art directors:
An art director is a person who supervises the creation of all artistic elements in a film, video game, or advertising campaign. In the film, the art director creates sets, supervises artists and construction crews, and contributes to the overall aesthetic of the project. Art directors in advertising set the visual tone for a client's ad campaign, as well as directing all visual components of it.

How to Become a Visual Development Artist
Consider the following suggestions if you want to start a career in visual development.

1. Get a College Degree
A bachelor's or master's degree in a visual arts-related subject, such as animation, graphic design, fine art, or communications, is one of the initial stages toward becoming a vis dev artist. This is a highly technical and competitive industry that typically demands the necessary degree to even be considered for a job.

2. Experiment with several specialities to find out what works best for you
You are not obligated to choose your focus immediately. Develop a few design talents and experiment with them to see which one you prefer. Use your education, research, and experiences to help you narrow down which aspect of visual development you're interested in, whether it's environment design, creative direction, or something else.

3. Internships are a great way to get hands-on experience
To immerse yourself in your chosen expertise and obtain hands-on work experience, look for an internship or shadowing opportunity with an animation studio, indie production firm, or independent artist. Apprenticing can help you refine your talents, improve your resume, and gain valuable experience.

4. Make a portfolio of your achievements
In every professional artistic discipline, including visual development, establishing a portfolio of work that displays your skills is essential. To present potential employers, compile your most stunning works. You may need to undertake some free work to get started, but a variety of personal experiences—from personal projects to internship work—can help you construct a portfolio of your greatest work.

5. Make connections with people who work in your industry
Networking with others in your sector at panels, events, or through the internet can be a good method to meet like-minded experts who may have job openings.

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