Get Excited! The Atomos Ninja V+ and Ninja V+ Pro Kit Has Arrived
by Eguaogie Eghosa Apr 28, 2021 Views (285)

If you have had the pleasure of working with 'The Ninja V', then you probably know what kind of joy it brings to your workflow. Behind the stunning screen, Ninja V’s advanced computing power adds production grade recording to your camera. Flexibility is the foundation for every feature of this production workhorse. This astonishing piece of videography technology records in a wide range of codecs: Apple ProRes, ProRes RAW and Avid DNx to enable wide compatibility across camera types and edit software, giving you a new degree of creative control long before you press record.

The Ninja V takes all your creativity and brings it to life in the video you capture, regardless of whether you’re shooting cinematic productions, or vlogs for your social media channel. Whether you shoot HDR or regular SDR. Whether you use a professional cinema camera or a prosumer mirrorless camera.

Ninja V takes exactly what your camera sensor is capturing, enhances it and allows you to view and record it in amazing detail. This portable powerhouse gives you complete confidence in what you’re capturing, so you’re free to push creative boundaries more than ever before.

Now, before we could even completely savor the pleasure of working with Atomos Ninja V, the company have just announced the introduction of the Atomos Ninja V+ and Ninja V+ Pro kit. The Atomos Ninja V is already super popular, but Atomos has seen fit to take all that is good in the Ninja V and then add even more exciting features.

What Atomos has done with the release of the "+" series is to give the Ninja V family some new friends with the release of the Ninja V+ And Ninja V+ Pro Kit. Although at first glance the “+” model looks and feels quite similar to the current version being an HDMI recorder/monitor. Even with minor visible tweaks, there have been some massive changes to the internals, unlocking support for 8K 30p and 4K 120p video—including ProRes RAW recording.

Even though it appears that some camera key partners such as Sony FX6 for 4K 120p raw (with AtomX SDI Module), Sony FX9 for 4K 120p raw (with AtomX SDI Module), Z CAM E2 for 4K 120p, Z CAM E2-M4 for 4K 120p, and Canon EOS R5 for 8K 30p raw will reap immediate benefits of their partnerships with this new development, are no doubts however that many others will find the Ninja V+ and the Ninja V+ Pro Kit an advantageous addition to their arsenal for optimum video quality and Filmmaking.

While these are the obvious winners on day one, however we should consider some other benefits for existing cameras. The Sony Alpha 1 is an interesting one as it can output an 8-bit 4:2:0 8K signal over HDMI, meaning the Ninja V+ should be able to monitor this signal with all the tools you have come to expect from Atomos monitors (waveforms, LUTs, etc.). You can also future-proof your equipment if you use something like the Canon EOS R5 as 8K 30p raw will be coming as an update later in 2021. 

In addition to ProRes RAW recording, the Ninja V+ supports H.265 recording, and it ships with H.265 already activated, for recording either 8- or 10-bit video in 4:2:2, providing you a choice in recording format. While ProRes RAW is a robust codec, well suited to origination, the inclusion of H.265 as an option allows you to capture high-quality footage with your Ninja V+ that is already captured in a delivery codec that is well suited to capturing longform shoots, while creating much smaller files.

Additionally, you can use the H.265 formats to create ready-to-go video for streams and uploads to CDNs. Or create an external recording from your ARRI or RED cameras while they record RAW internally.

Although the Atomos Ninja V+ and the Ninja V+ Pro Kit are here now; we can expect more exciting innovations to this Ninja V family as the H.264 support is planned for a future update, and if you are a Ninja V or Ninja V Pro Kit user and not quite ready to make the jump to the Ninja V+, Atomos wants you to know that H.26X support is coming as a paid upgrade.

H.26X recording is a “Plus” feature, and the Ninja V+ is certain to get access to more Plus features in the future. It also comes standard with a neoprene sleeve, EVA-style hard case, battery eliminator, Master Caddy II case, and an AC/DC power adapter.

If you are looking for more, the Ninja V+ Pro Kit comes with the AtomX SDI Module and the SDI RAW + RAW to Video Cross Conversion function pre-activated. This will be necessary to cover the most recent Sony announcement of firmware for the FX6 and FX9 for 4K 120p ProRes RAW and theoretically for future integrations with 8K 30p cameras. The Pro Kit also comes with the AtomX Ninja V Sunhood on top of the stock accessory package.

Ninja V+ is the ultimate field monitor for the on-the-go film and video creator that values capturing to high quality industry standard codecs for SDR, HDR and next-generation content delivery. The Ninja V+'s state-of-the-art screen maintains clarity and color in the brightest of conditions and displays the widest dynamic range in HDR.

The number of cameras which now support RAW recording over HDMI on the Ninja V+ continues to grow. ProRes RAW combines the visual and workflow benefits of RAW video with the incredible real-time performance of ProRes. This format gives filmmakers enormous latitude when adjusting the look of their images, making it ideal for HDR workflow. This is why getting the Atomos Ninja V+ or Ninja V+ Pro Kit would be the ultimate solution for for a flawless workflow for filmmakers and videographers. 

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