FUJINON XF 8mm f/3.5 R WR Lens for your Production House
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With the FUJINON XF8mmF3.5 R WR, widen your field of vision and take it all in. The ultra-wide field of vision offers a dynamic perspective that moves your background into an infinite distance while drawing your subjects closer. When you're in a confined space or using video, such as vlogging when you want to make selfie-style videos, the XF8mmF3.5 R WR is ideal for your Production House.

The wide-angle primary lens, the FUJINON XF 8mm f/3.5 R WR Lens, was created especially for the FUJIFILM X-Series cameras. This lens is one of the favorites in Film District Dubai because of its amazing features and superb optical performance.

The XF8mmF3.5 R WR's 40MP resolving power is neutral. Thanks to three aspherical lenses and two ED lenses, the lens reduces aberrations from edge to edge and produces sharp, high-quality pictures. The main subject might be anything that is in the frame.


FUJINON XF 8mm f/3.5 R WR Lens Features


1. Unparalleled Wide-Angle Capability

This lens delivers an ultra-wide field of view with an 8mm focal length, capturing a wider perspective and enabling you to fit more into your picture frame. This gadget has an unmatched wide-angle capability, making it ideal for shooting breathtaking vistas, magnificent buildings, or captivating interiors.


2. Outstanding Image Quality

This gadget produces excellent results in terms of picture quality. It has high-tech optical components, including two extra-low dispersion elements and one aspherical element, which reduce different aberrations and guarantee sharpness, clarity, and true color reproduction in every shot.


3. There is no Wastage

Utilizing the XF8mmF3.5 R WR lens redefines the ordinary. You can get a wider perspective than the human eye with a field of vision of more than 120 degrees. Enjoy the dynamic perspective that the XF8mmF3.5 R WR offers, which captures the world in a totally unique way.


4. Strong Design and Weather-Resistant

During their outdoor expeditions, photographers frequently deal with erratic weather conditions. To meet these difficulties, the FUJINON XF 8mm f/3.5 R WR Lens is constructed. It is sealed at nine separate spots and has a weather-resistant design, which makes it dust and moisture-resistant. You may explore various areas with assurance knowing that your lens is secure.


5. Outdoor Photography Weather Resistance

This gadget is made to endure the harsh weather conditions that nature and outside photographers frequently experience. The lens is secured against moisture and dust thanks to weather-resistant sealing at nine separate locations, including the lens mount, making it perfect for outdoor activities. With the performance and durability of your lens unaffected, you can boldly enjoy the great outdoors.


6. Effortless and Accurate Manual Focus

This gadget's crisp and slick focusing system will appeal to fans of manual focus. Take in the world in sharp focus; with a setting of 36 cm and an f/8 aperture, anything in front of you will be sharply focused, all the way out to infinity. The lens is a fantastic video-shooting partner because of its quick focusing and little perceptible focus change, sometimes known as breathing. This lens offers a gratifying and simple manual focus experience whether you're taking still photos or moving pictures.



7. The Central Element is not Usually the Main Subject

The XF8mmF3.5 R WR's 40MP resolving power is neutral. Thanks to three aspherical lenses & two ED lenses, the lens reduces aberrations from edge to edge and produces sharp, high-quality pictures. The main subject might be anything that is in the frame.


8. Controls and Functions for an Intuitive Lens

Intuitive controls and features are included in this gadget to improve your photography experience. It has an aperture ring with clear click stops that allow for accurate depth of field changes. Furthermore, the lens has a manual aperture collar that enables you to adjust the aperture from either the camera body or from the lens. These well-considered design components provide photographers with seamless control and quick access to key settings.


9. Adaptability to Various Photography Styles

There are no restrictions on this gadget use in any one type of photography. Due to its adaptability, you may experiment with a variety of photographic genres, such as landscape, architectural, street, and imaginative viewpoints. It gives you a world of opportunities and lets you use your photos to show your individual style.


10. Lightweight and Portable for Travel Photography

To ensure hassle-free excursions, travel photographers frequently select small and lightweight equipment. The mobility of this gadget was considered during design. It is the ideal traveling companion because of its ultra-compact size and light weight of just XX grams.


11. Improvement of Creativity through Fisheye Distortion

This gadget has a characteristic fisheye distortion that gives your photos a unique flair. Straight lines are bent in an appealing way by this particular viewpoint, giving your photos a feeling of depth and drama. It's a great tool for photographers who wish to expand their creative abilities.


Compatibility with Cameras from the FUJIFILM X-Series

This gadget was created especially for FUJIFILM X-Series cameras, guaranteeing perfect performance and smooth integration. This lens will provide outstanding results whether you possess a powerful X-Pro series camera or a small X-T series camera because of how well it works with the FUJIFILM X system.


Cost and Availability

Around June 29th, 2023, the FUJINON XF 8mm f/3.5 R WR will be sold for $799.95 USD.  Both online and offline authorized FUJIFILM merchants offer it for sale. For the most recent information on prices and availability, visit the official website or a nearby photography shop.


Other Wide-Angle Lenses Compared

Let's compare this gadget with other wide-angle lenses available on the market to provide you with a thorough insight. To assist you in making the best selection possible when selecting the ideal lens for your photographic needs, we will examine its essential characteristics, functionality, and user reviews.


Getting the Best Results: Some Advice


1. Techniques for Handling Lenses


i. The Wide-Angle Effect: Accepting It

It's essential to accept the distinctive qualities of wide-angle photography if you want to get the most of this gadget. To add depth and drama, try out several views and angles while going near your subject. Always pay attention to the frame's edges because they have a tendency to become distorted or distracting. You can become an expert wide-angle photographer with practice and investigation.


ii. The Composition

In photography, the composition is crucial, and when using wide-angle lenses, it becomes even more so. To produce well-balanced and aesthetically pleasing photos, pay attention to foreground interest, leading lines and the rule of thirds. Aim for a cohesive composition that leads the viewer's attention through the scene while being aware of how various components interact with one another in the frame.


iii. Utilizing Distortion

When shooting objects with straight lines or geometric forms, wide-angle lenses frequently cause distortion. Although this distortion may give your photographs a distinctive creative touch, it's crucial to know how to regulate and repair it when necessary. Software for image post-processing, such as Adobe Light room, offers capabilities to reduce distortion while preserving the integrity of your picture.



2. Getting the Best Sharpness


i. Increasing the Depth of Field

Maximizing the depth of field while using a wide-angle lens can significantly improve the clarity of the final image. To extend the zone of focus and keep the foreground and background objects sharply in focus, choose a smaller aperture (higher f-number). Avoid using an aperture that is too tiny, though, since this might cause diffraction and degrade the clarity of the final image.


ii. Focusing Methods

When utilizing this gadget, precise focusing is essential, especially when shooting close-up subjects. To guarantee that your photographs are crisp, make use of autofocus features and focus peaking. To get the best results, manual focus may be required in dimly lit areas or while photographing moving subjects.


iii. Making Use of Lens Accessories

Explore the different lens attachments that are compatible with this gadget to broaden your creative options. Filters like polarizers and neutral density filters can help you manage the light in your picture and emphasize certain components. Protecting your lens against deterioration and undesired flares requires the use of lens hoods and lens covers.


3. Investigating Creative Options


i. Immersive Landscape Photography

Beautiful vistas may be captured thanks to this gadget wide-angle view. To evoke a feeling of size and awe, play around with different lighting scenarios, weather patterns, and compositions. Include objects in the front to provide depth and draw the viewer's attention into the frame so they may get fully immersed in the beauty of the natural world.


ii. Highlighting Original Viewpoints

This lens's wide-angle coverage lets you draw attention to distinctive viewpoints that would otherwise go overlooked. Investigate metropolitan settings, architectural marvels, and commonplace landscapes from novel perspectives, exposing unique storylines and captivating compositions. To give your photographs more visual interest, look for patterns, textures, and eye-catching lines.


iii. Architectural Photography Improvements

The broad perspective offered by this gadget is extremely advantageous for architectural photography. Display the magnificence of the structures, the play of light and shadow, and the minute intricacies of the architectural components. Use various camera viewpoints and angles to highlight distinctive characteristics and deliver the desired atmosphere.


4. Shooting in Difficult Situations


i. Adaptability to the Weather and Stability

Due to its ability to tolerate a variety of weather conditions, this gadget is a fantastic option for outdoor photographers. Because of its weather-sealed structure, which guards against low temperatures, moisture, and dust, you can keep shooting even in difficult circumstances. For optimum performance and peace of mind, be sure to combine the lens with a weather-resistant camera body.


ii. Darkroom Photography

Due to their reduced maximum aperture, wide-angle lenses often have trouble in dimly lit environments. However, you can still take beautiful pictures in low-light conditions by turning up your camera's ISO sensitivity and using shorter shutter speeds. Additionally, to reduce camera shaking and improve image quality, think about using a tripod.


iii. How to Avoid Lens Flare

When using this gadget, lens flare is possible, especially when shooting in direct sunshine or with powerful light sources. Use lens hoods, change your shooting perspective, or cover the lens with your palm or another item to reduce flare. Additionally, if a flare appears in your photographs, post-processing software can assist in reducing or eliminating it.


5. Tips for Post-Processing


i. Putting Distortion Right

Straight lines might seem curved due to barrel distortion, which is a problem with wide-angle lenses. You may fix this distortion in post-processing by utilizing programs like Adobe Light room or Capture One. To ensure accurate and precise corrections, these tools offer lens correction profiles created especially for the gadget.


ii. Increasing Image Clarity

You may further improve the sharpness of your photographs with post-processing. To bring out fine details without adding artifacts, use sharpening tools in editing software. Avoid over-sharpening since it might provide an artificial and unappealing outcome.


iii. Enhancing Colors

Post-processing color adjustments can improve the atmosphere and impact of your photographs overall. To get the desired aesthetic, play about with white balance, saturation, and contrast. Always strike a balance between realistic tones and imaginative interpretation, making sure that the colors support the narrative you're trying to tell.



Tips for Maintaining Longevity


1. Handling and Keeping


i. Lens Cleanings

Regular maintenance is necessary to keep your gadget operating at its best. To guarantee complete and secure cleaning, adhere to the following steps:


a. To begin, blast any loose dust from the lens surface with an air blower or blower brush.

b. Use a few drops of gadget cleaning solution to dampen a microfiber cloth or lens cleaning tissue.

c. Wipe the lens surface gently in a circular motion, working your way outward from the center.

d. Breathe softly onto the gadget to soften any smudges or fingerprints that are particularly difficult to remove with a lens cleaning pen or brush.

e. When cleaning, avoid applying too much pressure or using harsh products because they might harm the lens coating.


ii. Lens Storage Done Right

It's important to store your gadget properly while it's not in use. Following are some suggestions:


a. Before storing a camera, it is best to remove the lens.

b. To shield the front and back elements of the lens from dirt and scratches, place lens covers on both of its ends.

c. Keep the lens clean, dry, and at a consistent temperature and humidity level.

d. To provide extra security during transit and storage, think about utilizing a protective lens cover or a specific camera bag with compartments.


2. Providing Protection from Environmental Factors


i. Dust and moisture

This gadget is made to battle the usual enemies of camera lenses, moisture and dust. However, extra care can help further protect your lens:


a. Use lens filters: Covering the lens with an excellent UV or protective filter can serve as a physical barrier to protect it from moisture, dust, and unintentional scratches.

b. Find a clean, dry space to switch lenses whenever feasible to reduce the danger of debris entering the camera system. Avoid changing lenses in dusty or humid situations.


ii. Very High Temperatures

Extreme temperatures might have an impact on your gadget's performance and durability. What you should remember is this:


a. Avoid abrupt temperature fluctuations, which can lead to condensation on the surface of the gadget. Allow the gadget to gradually adapt while traveling between places with various temperatures to avoid this.

b. Protect your gadget from the excessive cold by using lens jackets, lens sleeves, or even by covering it in a microfiber towel when the temperature is below zero. The gadget's performance will be maintained and potential damage will be avoided thanks to this insulation.



3. Continual Inspections

Regular inspections will enable you to see possible problems early on and take appropriate action. During your gadget checks, take into account the following factors:


i. Examine the gadget’s body for any traces of scratches, impact or cracks to rule out physical damage.

ii. Check the lens mount to make sure it is clear of dirt and clean. If required, clean off any dirt with a gentle brush.

iii. Test autofocus accuracy: Take test photos and check the focus accuracy to ensure that the autofocus system is operating properly.


4. Lens Calibration

To ensure precise focusing, lens calibration is a critical step. Despite the gadget's exceptional autofocus performance, calibration may occasionally be required. Consult your camera's manual or get in touch with a qualified technician for advice on the calibration procedure if you detect persistent focusing problems.


5. Updates to Firmware

Check your gadget’s model's firmware from time to time. Firmware updates are often released by manufacturers to improve the functionality of the gadget, fix any faults, and add new features. To find out how to appropriately upgrade the gadget’s firmware, go to the official FUJIFILM website or consult the instruction manual that came with your camera.


The FUJINON XF 8mm f/3.5 R WR Lens's Advantages


1. 8mm Focal Length

This lens's 8mm focal length offers an incredibly wide-angle viewpoint, enabling you to capture expansive vistas and architectural wonders in exquisite detail. It's ideal for producing beautiful panoramas since it gives the viewer a sense of space and draws them into your images.


2. Excellent Optics

This gadget is another example of the high quality optical performance that is typical of FUJINON lenses. It has cutting-edge lens components and coatings that reduce aberrations, distortion, and ghosting to ensure that your photos are crisp and clear. Even in poor lighting circumstances, the gadget’s exceptional edge-to-edge sharpness enables you to catch minute details.


3. Resistance to Water

This gadget is made to survive the elements, which is useful for photographers who frequently find themselves in a variety of weather situations. It has a weather-sealed design, which makes it resistant to moisture and dust. You can photograph in bad weather thanks to its quality without worrying about breaking expensive equipment.


4. Streamlined and Lightweight

The tiny and lightweight construction of this gadget is one of its major benefits. It is incredibly portable and simple to take on your shooting trips because it only weighs a few hundred grams. Its compact design and light weight makes it an excellent travel and outdoor photography partner that frees you up to explore without being constrained by bulky equipment.


5. Versatility

This gadget offers adaptability in a variety of shooting scenarios while being predominantly a wide-angle lens. It enables you to try out various viewpoints and make your own compositions. With this gadget, you have unrestricted artistic freedom to capture scenes like landscapes, buildings, or even close-ups.


6. Disruptive Creativity

This gadget embraces the distortion that wide-angle lenses are known for in order to give your photos a unique artistic feel. It produces a nice barrel distortion that may be artistically utilized to improve the impact of your photographs' visuals. By adding depth and intrigue, this distortion effect gives architectural and artistic photos a certain appeal.



The FUJINON XF 8mm f/3.5 R WR Lens' Disadvantages


1. Limited Zooming Ability                                                   

This lens fixed 8mm focal length, which restricts your ability to zoom in or out, is one of its shortcomings. This restriction might be difficult to work around in situations when you need greater freedom to frame your photographs. You might need to think about different lens options if you need a wider variety of focal lengths.


2. Only Manual Focus

The gadget entirely relies on manual focus, in contrast to certain contemporary lenses that include autofocus capabilities. Although manual focus can provide you exact control over your focus point, it may take more time and effort to get a perfect focus, especially in instances when shooting must be done quickly.


3. Aperture Narrowing Range

The gadget’s maximum aperture makes it unsuitable for low light or circumstances where you need a shallower depth of focus. The smaller aperture makes it harder to get a noticeable background blur and can necessitate using a higher ISO level or a longer exposure period to make up for it.


4. The imbalance at the Edges

The XF 8mm gadget does show significant distortion at the margins of the image, yet the artistic distortion in the center of the frame is often acceptable. In some compositions, this distortion may be more obvious, especially if there are straight lines or rectangular items close to the boundaries. You must be aware of this distortion and change your composition as necessary.


5. Limitations of Use

The XF 8mm f/3.5 R WR lens can only be useful in a small number of situations compared to more adaptable lenses because of its ultra-wide-angle viewpoint. Although it might not be appropriate for all forms of photography, it excels at capturing broad vistas and architectural photos. It's crucial to think about if the gadget's capabilities support your creative vision depending on your particular demands and shooting style.



A fantastic piece of photography gear, the FUJINON XF 8mm f/3.5 R WR Lens creates new avenues for artistic expression. It is a useful tool for photographers who want to take amazing images in an original and captivating style because of its excellent wide-angle capabilities, high picture quality, and sturdy build. This gadget will take your photography to new heights, regardless of whether you're an avid photographer of the landscape, a fan of architecture, or an adventurous traveler.

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