FDD: Video Production Company or Video Agency?
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Marketing agencies are typically at the top of the video production hierarchy, followed by production businesses, and then one-man-band enterprises. In the latter case, a single individual film edits and oversees all aspects of the production. The video will, understandably, cost more if there are more persons engaged.

However, because pricey marketing agency videos include highly specialized personnel from pre-production to post-production, they often produce the best results if a customer is willing to pay the hefty entry fee. A typical video production business, on the other hand, offers some expertise, such as a professional cameraman and a separate editor, as well as limited creative direction. I would suggest that the fourth type of video creator is superior to the standard three categories: The Video Agency.

Simple aims, such as a company overview or a product overview, can be translated into a finished video by any professional video production firm. On lower-budget videos, clients frequently approach production companies directly with particular requirements. The client specifies the objectives of the film and must consider the majority of their marketing objectives. While video production businesses are masters in technical aspects and everything else related to creating high-quality videos, they frequently lack an understanding of brand goals and marketing objectives. 

A video production company, on the other hand, recognizes that the produced film is only the beginning of a company's marketing campaign. A marketing specialist or professional on the team of a video agency's responsibility is to provide insight into the value of video production in addition to finding new business for the organization.

A video agency should employ a creative director or creative producer who can present video project ideas, develop screenplays, and provide video advice beyond technical and practical aspects. In other words, if a customer requests a funny, witty film to elicit social media shares, a video firm should be able to offer a concept or a series of concepts. A traditional video production business would like a more automated method, in which the client provides the idea or screenplay and the execution is more or less routine.

The vast majority of our videos at Film District Dubai are quite straightforward, ranging from virtual tours to company overviews, but our video production talents place us in the video agency category. We take pride in hiring only the most talented and innovative editors who can do more than just click buttons. Our marketing staff has a lot of experience and stays up to date on the latest video marketing trends so that we can stay ahead of the competition. We have a project coordinator that helps us give high-quality customer support and manages logistics on our shoots around the country.

A video agency is a company that focuses solely on video creation rather than other marketing endeavours but has all of the creative capabilities of a comprehensive marketing agency for video production. The Film District Dubai was designed with a structure that would allow for economical marketing video production while also allowing specialized professionals to complete their jobs. We wanted to keep overhead low so we could generate low-budget, straightforward video productions, but we also wanted to put together a team of creative professionals capable of high-quality video production.

Because of our experience with much larger, creative projects, we can advise our customers on how to make the finest movies possible within their budgets. The name "video agency" more truly represents our organization than "video production company" because of our creative capabilities and skilled employees.

We are a fully operational creative agency based in Dubai. We are dedicated to creating effective content and strategies for corporate brands that want to shine in the online world. Film District Dubai is a Video Production Company specializing in video production, film production, corporate video production, promotional video production, commercial and music video production, live event video streaming, virtual event video production, social media video production, testimonial video production, and animated explainer video production.

We are a fully operational internet-based marketing company based in Dubai. We are committed to developing effective content and strategies for corporate brands who want to shine their business in the online world.

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