Event Decoration Ideas to Make Your Video Shoot Stunning
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Decorations can make or break any event, especially when it comes to video productions. The right décor elements not only enhance the visual appeal of your video shoot, but also set the desired mood and ambiance. For those planning a video shoot in Dubai, decorations are key to creating a stunning final product.

 Here in this post, we’ll explore different types of video productions and key décor tips to make them truly spectacular. Whether it’s a corporate event, commercial gathering, or personal celebration, the decor plays a pivotal role in the success of your shoot.


Types of Video Productions

Let's first look at some of the most common types of video productions that require event decorations:


Corporate Videos

Corporate videos range from company overviews to product launches, training programs, and more. For these, consider decorations that align with your brand identity and aesthetic. Use your brand colors, add your logo to backdrops, and incorporate your products seamlessly into the set design.



TV and online commercials call for vibrant, eye-catching decorations. Use colorful backgrounds, fun props, and lighting effects to highlight your product or service. Go bold and vibrant to capture viewer attention.


Personal Events

For personal events like weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and more, decorations should align with the celebrant's personality and tastes. Incorporate their favorite colors, photos, items, and themes to personalize the space.


Decor Tips for Stunning Video Shoots

Now let's look at some specific tips to make your video shoot décor exceptional:


Use Balloons

Balloons make for gorgeous, customizable decorations. They come in every color and can be arranged in arches, columns, clouds, and more. Specialty balloons like foil, pearl, helium balloons and oversized balloons add even more visual impact. For added elegance, tie balloons with ribbons.

 You can also customize themed balloons for specific events like birthday balloons, wedding balloons, heart shaped love balloons, New Year balloons, and corporate events can match balloon colors with their branding and logos. You can order balloons in Dubai from the Balloon Store. They have amazing variety of balloons for almost every occasion and also offer same day fast delivery across UAE including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah.


Hang Drapes & Curtains

Drapes and curtains lend an upscale, polished look to any space. Use luxe fabrics like satin, velvet or sequined backdrops. You can also hang fabric panels to softly divide spaces.


Add Florals

Fresh florals inject natural vibrancy into décor. Opt for large statement arrangements and centerpieces. For more romantic events, sprinkle rose petals across tables, floors, and backgrounds. If you have less time, you can also place flower bouquets on tables as centerpieces. Make sure to match flower colors according to your event theme.



Use String Lights

String lights instantly create a warm, festive ambiance. Drape them from ceilings, wrap them around pillars or frames, or set up canopy tent lighting. For more impact, hang oversized statement bulbs.


Set the Mood with Candles

Candles set a beautiful, intimate mood. Cluster pillar candles of varying heights, float candles in glass vases for a centerpiece, or line pathways with lanterns. Just take fire safety precautions!


Add Greenery

Bring the outdoors in with potted trees, leafy garlands, and floral arrangements. Greenery brightens up spaces and makes attractive decorations.


Use Props

Props like chairs, couches, ottomans, side tables, rugs, and more allow you to create interesting set designs. Use them according to your selected theme and decoration needs.


Consider Rentals

Many décor elements can be rented at a fraction of the purchase price. Rent specialty linens, glassware, lighting fixtures, furniture, and even dance floors! This allows you to decorate lavishly without blowing your budget.


Play with Patterns

Introduce captivating patterns through area rugs, pillows, table runners, and other accent décor. Use repeating colors, textures, shapes or motifs to elevate the visual interest.


Decorating for Events in Dubai (UAE)

When decorating for events in Dubai or across UAE, there are a few special considerations to keep in mind:


Respect Local Customs

Understand local customs and traditions to avoid offensive or inappropriate décor. For instance, female imagery may be restricted in certain corporate or government events.


Accommodate the Climate

Dubai's hot climate means events are often held indoors. Make use of air conditioning and fans to keep guests comfortable. Outdoors, use tents and shade structures.


Highlight Arabic Design

Showcase traditional Arabic influences through fabrics, patterns, colors, and architectural features. Incorporate details like arched doorways, mosaic tiles, embroidered pillows and more.


Consider Venue Restrictions

Many Dubai venues have policies regulating décor - make sure to clarify what is and isn't allowed before planning. For instance, certain surfaces like walls or floors may be off limits.


Budget for Labor

Factoring in labor costs for installing, operating, and dismantling décor is key. Renting equipment or hiring experienced companies can be worthwhile.


With these tips in mind, you're sure to plan décor that makes your Dubai video shoot pop! Do your research, match the theme, and spend wisely. Dramatic, thoughtful decorations elevate any production, so prioritize this aspect for a visually stunning final product. Get creative with colors, lighting, textures, shapes and more to make your video décor shine.

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