Building a cheap DIY Pocket 6k Pro Rig from scratch the Savage Filmmaker Way
by Eguaogie Eghosa May 19, 2021 Views (323)
One of the most important aspects of using any camera is holding it the right way. It is a skill that not only the cameraman should possess, but one that the director of photography and the director are expected to have also in order to have the best shot of a scene at the most minimal number of takes. This is because, the more takes it takes to capture the desired shot, the more time-consuming it is.

But sometimes, it may not be possible to use handheld techniques to obtain the kind of shot that produces the steadiest picture as may be desired because there is nothing to lean against for support in the area where you are shooting. This is where you may need to improvise.
This is where the expert advice of ‘The Savage Filmmaker’ on how to build a cheap Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Pocket 6k Pro from scratch becomes invaluable to filmmakers and videographers.

The Savage Filmmaker
Has a new take on his DIY build which he claims is stronger and more flexible than before. Something many owners of Blackmagic’s Pocket series seem to enjoy is building out the perfect rig. The cameras are compact enough that you can basically build them out to fit nearly any production. Now that the Pocket 6k Pro is out and it looks like there is going to be another wave of unique accessories and rigs for this model. His new idea on the DIY looks solid with points for microphones, SSDs, and battery power – some points you’ll want to address with these compact cameras. 

Cages tend to make up the core of most “ultimate” rigs. Also, while there are some dedicated cages just now starting to come to market for the 6K Pro, you may prefer something a bit more universal or simply want to get started right away. For that, he opted for the SmallRig VersaFrame Cage. It can fit a ton of cameras, and he thinks it might be nice if you are looking for something to work for multiple options you have in your kit. 
But to achieve this, you’ll want to build the cage up in a particular way. Here are the steps he provides to guide you in building your own Pocket 6k Pro rig.

1. Start by mounting the bottom as usual. 
2. Then line up the side rail and finally put the top plate on. You’ll want to use the larger screw hole and use a screw with a larger top to safely attach its pieces. It should actually fit quite well.
3. Moving back over to the side rail, you can attach a side handle to make it easier to operate handheld. 
4. On top, to attach your other accessories, you can start with a small NATO rail. 
5. From here you can attach a top handle and then use the other mounting points to attach anything else. Good examples are an SSD holder and a microphone mount.

The possibilities seem endless as you can mount a bigger battery up there, a special top handle, and plenty more. An alternate approach is to add some rods to the bottom of the cage and you can use that to attach a V-mount battery or matte box.

It is very important that in handling a motion-media camera, there are two words you must keep in mind: STEADINESS and SMOOTHNESS. When you are shooting motion media, the camera must be held steady, and deliberate camera movements (such as tilts, pans, dollys, zooming, and so on) must be made smoothly. When viewed, the images undergo a high degree of enlargement. Image movement caused by camera unsteadiness is distracting to the audience. This is why having this DIY skill in building a camera rig may just prove to be the difference in the final outcome of your production; especially as an amateur filmmaker or videographer.

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