Best Film Schools in the World in 2021
by Eguaogie Eghosa Oct 11, 2021 Views (468)
Film schools strive to instill learners with the technical nuances of filmmaking as well as a practical understanding of visual storytelling, from practical skill training to practice their knowledge to make captivating films under the tutelage of some of the top Directors in the world.
All film schools have their unique academic and training curriculum, tailored to their country's film and television business. All of them, however, focus on students' general skill development, regardless of the job path they pick. Some may have a standard program, while others may not.

Here are 7 of the best film schools in the world:

1. The USC School of Cinematic Arts, California, United States
USC School of Cinematic Arts is a top film school in Hollywood that is affiliated with the prestigious University of Southern California. It is the United States and the world's oldest and most prestigious film school.

Many of Hollywood's most well-known filmmakers began their careers at the USC School of Cinematic Arts. The USC School of Cinematic Arts, which receives millions of dollars in annual funding from people like George Lucas, offers world-class media facilities including an IMAX theater and a research lab, making it one of the most cutting-edge film institutions in Los Angeles.

2. American Film Institute (AFI), United States
The Institute is America's committed to preserving motion picture history, celebrate artists and their work, and educate the next generation of storytellers. AFI is dedicated to programs that engage the past, present, and future of the moving image arts and provides leadership in film, television, and digital media.

During their time at the institute, students can make up to four personal films and receive advice from industry heavyweights such as Steve McQueen, the filmmaker of 12 Years a Slave. The school, which had 27 Emmy nominations among its alumni in 2017, also lists South Park producer Anne Garefino and Black Swan director Darren Aronofsky among its alumni.

3. La Femis, Paris
La Fémis is one of the greatest film schools in Paris, and it is located on the site of the ancient Pathé studios, where the illustrious Lumiere brothers are supposed to have developed cinema in 1894. This renowned film school offers only French-taught programs, as well as exchange programs with US institutions including CalArts and Columbia University. Around 200 kids attend the school, with 8% of them being international.

La Femis began as IDHEC in 1943 before being reformed and given its current name. It is a well-known film school in Paris, noted for its professional approach to merging professional development, technical instruction, and artistic expression, resulting in students' overall development.

All students are welcomed into the classes with a shared curriculum for the first year, teaching them the basics of filmmaking and fine arts. The second and third years are tailored to the departments chosen by the students, giving them the intricacies of the subject while also putting it into practice. Students in the fourth year work on personal projects while learning how to write.

4. Beijing Film Academy, China
Beijing Film Academy, founded in 1950, is China's most prestigious film school as well as one of the greatest in the world. It is one of the most diverse academies in terms of education and training, with nine schools offering courses separated into eight areas. It provides high school, undergraduate, and graduate courses, as well as vocational and associate certificates in a variety of subjects such as film acting, animation, sound art, and cinematography.

5. London Film School, UK
One of Europe's most prominent film schools, the London Film School is located in the heart of downtown London and exclusively admits postgraduate students seeking a master's degree or a Ph.D. The London Film School, which has been functioning for more than 60 years, focuses on developing craft and production skills in a practical context, and Creative Skillset, a UK government organization, has recognized it as one of only three Film Academies in the country. Despite the fact that the London Film School has just 220 students, its student body is genuinely worldwide, with current students originating from over 30 countries.

6. Lodz Film School, Poland
Lodz Film School, also known as the Polish National Film, Television, and Theater School, is another of Europe's best film academies. It is the institution that has produced a large number of Poland's top filmmakers, helping to shape the Polish film industry. Lodz Film School is one of Europe's finest film institutes, with new departments and contemporary equipment being introduced regularly.

7. Toronto Film School, Canada
The Toronto Film School has a reputation for being one of Canada's best film schools. The Toronto Film School is a career-focused school with a strong dedication to imparting practical industry expertise, with a diverse curriculum spanning everything from film and television production to interior decoration. The Toronto Film School's programs take one to two years to complete, and all students receive a diploma.

There you have it, 7 of the best schools on a personal shortlist of the best film schools in the world in 2021.

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