Avoid these 6 Common Video Editing Mistakes
by Eguaogie Eghosa Oct 24, 2021 Views (172)
You can spend a lot of time learning how to do things correctly, but you can learn just as much (if not more) by researching what you should not do. Like many creative tasks, video editing includes a wide range of alternatives and approaches for finishing a project. Sometimes it's simply a matter of personal preference, with no clear benefits or drawbacks to a specific strategy. Other times, a certain path can cause problems or errors and should be avoided.

Proficient in editing Billy Rybka has compiled a list of six frequent blunders that you should avoid when creating your next film. Whether you're working on a tiny YouTube video or a major film, this is something to keep in mind.

The king is the storyteller. Even on YouTube, you want a throughline that draws viewers in from the start and keeps them watching until the finish. It doesn't have to be a complicated plot – this video is simply a list of blunders – just enough to keep things together.
You should be revising in a way that supports that tale. Inserting a glitch transition in the middle of a wedding ceremony is unlikely to work and will likely disengage the audience.

It's frequently safer to just collect as many takes and variations of a shot as possible when filming. This is generally quite useful during the editing process. However, you must be careful not to begin using additional footage and options simply because you have them. If you use all of your footage, you'll merely end up with a lengthy, probably dull video. Plus, things like the pacing can be messed up.

I believe the phrase "kill your darlings" applies here. You should cut a shot just because it looks cool if it doesn't add anything to the video.

If the audio is bad, even the most gorgeous footage will be ruined. In many circumstances, the audio takes precedence over video. Consider how many times you've been quite content to watch a low-resolution stream. Consider how many times you've sat and watched an entire video with crackly or incomprehensible audio. Do you see what I'm getting at?

Some freelance shooters/editors believe they can alter settings and be fine even while recording clear audio. If you want the whole experience, learn how to use some basic EQs to bring out the finest in your audio. A video wouldn't be complete without a basic grading.

At the very least, be certain that the video is not clipped or otherwise distorted. A record at a level of -12 to -6 dB, then normalize the audio in post-production. If you're not an audio expert, several plug-ins can help.

Transitions can add some levity to your video (star wipes, anyone?). You don't need that beautiful whip pan or effect transition on every edit. At the very least, transitions must make sense, and details such as the edit transition and movement synchronization are critical.

Transitions between sections should be seamless. They should feel natural – or extremely deliberate – as a transition to the following clip.

You can even utilize the wrong music if you double down on the audio elements. Following up on some ideas above, where cuts or transitions must add to the story and match the topic, music must also adhere to the same guidelines. Songs and music should be appropriate for the tone of the video. It doesn't make sense to have heavy metal music playing during a serene beach scene. A relaxing melody in the background adds to the clip's atmosphere.

Natural sound is a good place to start, but it doesn't always capture the atmosphere of a room. Sound design aids in highlighting what is happening in the footage by including sound effects. It can provide the impression of a much larger video.

Sound effects can be quite subtle and merely altered versions of the scene's sound — don't be scared to swap out location sound for better sounding effects. It's something to consider while editing. Just make sure it doesn't get in the way.

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