7 Sources of Additional Incomes as a Photographer
by Eguaogie Eghosa Aug 29, 2021 Views (221)
Photography can be a truly satisfying and equally rewarding career, both financially and personally. In fact, the wide range of abilities obtained in the sector may be employed in many various ways, as revealed by many professionals in the sector such as Floberg who has made a YouTube video highlighting seven ideas that could be sources of additional income to being a full-time photographer. Of course, Floberg emphasizes that these ideas are for partially passive income because each endeavor still involves a certain amount of work initially or during.

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Below are his seven suggested tips for making additional income as a photographer.

1. Maximize Print Sales
The first piece of advice is to maximize print sales. Each photographer develops their own workflow and method of sharing work with clients, but Floberg demonstrates that by taking a few simple steps, such as allowing print sales directly in the gallery, offering time-sensitive coupons, and making the process seamless and appealing to customers — including friends and family for weddings — photographers can increase their financial potential.

2. Engage in Associate Shooting
As many photographers have discovered this year, associate shooting can supplement the revenue of both the main photographer and the associate. Photographers have had conflicting bookings as a result of pandemic-related postponements, while also dealing with new requests. Using an associate shooter involves entrusting the shoot to another qualified photographer while the primary photographer manages the booking's administrative aspects, such as client correspondence, and keeps a portion of the booking fee. In this manner, you may decide whether the session will be edited by the primary or associate shooter, as well as how the print sales will be shared.

3. YouTube ad Revenue
Floberg, who is a YouTuber himself, mentions YouTube ad revenue as another source of income. Despite the fact that it isn't much, he claims it is something that can add up over time after the labor of recording and editing videos is completed. The best aspect about this revenue stream is that evergreen content — video content that consumers can watch for years since it is still relevant — generates ad revenue.

4. Amazon Affiliate Links
In a similar vein, Amazon affiliate links embedded in YouTube videos or blog posts can generate extra income, and the purchase doesn't have to be related to photography in any way. Affiliate commissions from various brands can also generate extra income. In the case of the latter, Floberg claims to have made an average of $1,713.6 per month in 2021.

5. Real Estate Returns on Investments.
For individuals who are lucky enough to be on the property ladder, real estate revenue, such as renting out an existing property, buying properties and turning them around for sale, and so forth can help pay down the mortgage, develop real estate equity, and leave money in the bank. 

6. Dividends on Stock Investments
Last but not least, Floberg recommends earning from stock dividends, which start off tiny but grow over time and maybe further increased by learning more about stock purchases and long-term investing.

7. Creating Sponsored YouTube Videos
Floberg's other honorable mention in addition to his main photography field was creating sponsored YouTube videos and using sites like Patreon, where users can tip or pay membership fees for creative projects.

The truth is, for those willing to do more to attain the level of financial success or freedom they desire; there are always opportunities to make that much-needed additional money, although it is going to take something extra in effort and patience.

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