5 Questions to Ask Before Starting the Video Production Process
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Whenever we meet with a client for video production, we talk about how we can best tell their stories through video. Even though each organization would prefer to hear its story told differently, a few common questions are universally helpful for those involved in video production.

What follows is a comprehensive list of the most vital video production questions that a Video Production Company should consider before starting your next project.


What are your three key messages?

Do some research and understand what you're attempting to convey before asking the right questions during video interviews.

In many cases, businesses fail to communicate anything valuable in a single video production. To successfully communicate information to your target audience, you must first identify the most important aspects of your message.

To avoid information overload, we recommend developing three key messages for your video production. To begin, be clear, concise, and inspirational. You can then, write them down to be used later as filters for your subsequent interview questions.

Every successful Video Production Company has a strategy as the human brain has the capacity to only process as much information as possible at once. Showing up one day with a camera and microphone is unlikely to result in an outstanding video production. A clear message is essential.


1. Why is the video being made?

The most common request we receive is for businesses to create a video for their website. Video production for your website is critical because it can convey the most information in the shortest amount of time. Investing in video production, on the other hand, is more than just ticking off a box. As a consequence of this method of video production, not only is the message unclear, but it is also difficult to assess the effectiveness of the video.

Create a well-thought-out vision for your video production that answers the question, "What are we attempting to achieve by creating this video?"

Rather than saying, "We'd like to post a video on social media," say, "We'd like to create a video that conveys our organization's values and adds credibility to our work."

Understanding the "why" behind your video production will allow you to produce more valuable, authentic, and versatile content.


2. Do you know who your target demographic is?

There is a lot of discussion about the audience because it is critical! Organizations can easily become preoccupied with whom they want to be and what they stand for. So communication of those things is required, but it must resonate with the target audience.

Otherwise, your self-promotion is nothing more than pounding your chest.

Your video production should be aimed at the specific audience you want to reach. As a result, answering the "who" question first is critical before moving on to other aspects of your video production project, such as messaging, graphics, visuals, editing, and even music selection. Here are a couple of examples:

Messages about "looking after what matters" and gentle editing may be appropriate for a video production aimed at expectant mothers.

Targeting mechanical engineers looking for tools and gadgets is an excellent way to use a high-resolution product video, quick cuts, and energetic rock or electronic music.

When making decisions about what messages and video production system to use for your viewers, consider the following:

- What are the viewers' turn-offs?

- Are there people who are decision-makers or influencers amongst my audience or neither?

- What attracts my target audience to view this video?

These questions can help you determine what type of video production to make and how to craft a message that will resonate with your target audience. Before we begin the video production process, we create buyer personas for our clients in order to know who the video production will be for. Buyer personas are fictional, generalized representations of ideal customers.


3. How long do you want your project to last?

A 30-second video production would be significantly improved if it only took 30 seconds to create. But, unfortunately, this is not the case. As a result, during the planning phase, it is critical to communicate your ideal timeline to your video production team. You will avoid missing deadlines as the project progresses.

Every organization that produces or uses video production services has a standard turnaround time for videos. If you need your video completed sooner, you can still achieve a faster turnaround time by simplifying the project scope. However, you may require some time to materialize a very complex and in-depth vision.


4. Is a budget in place for your project?

The complexity or simplicity of your video production project, like the video production timeline, will influence the final budget. Please make your video production team aware of any budget constraints you may have.

A video can be expensive to produce. However, there is a distinction between all videos. To reduce video production costs, keep in mind that time, people, and equipment are the most important factors.

It is possible to make a video production that is shot underwater, on a mountaintop, and in five different locations; however, you will have to pay more money. A few short, high-level video productions on your landing pages might be a good use of video. It is advantageous to reduce the use of these resources to keep costs low.

It is critical to understand that the cost of your video production is directly proportional to the number of professionals required to carry out the vision. A multi-camera shoot, an audio technician, and a field producer will almost certainly cost more if your story requires multiple cameras and multiple shoot dates. On the other hand, if the best way to tell your story can be captured with one camera during a half-day shoot, you will probably need to spend a little less on your budget.


5. What will The Final Video's Hosting, Distribution, and Repackaging Process Look Like?

Keep the end product in mind as you plan for your video production. Will it be available on YouTube? Do you want to link to another video? Will it be shared on Instagram or sent via email? Is it all of the aforementioned? This message should be communicated to the audience through the piece's audio or graphics.

You can assume a few things about a great video based on what you already know:

- If your Video Production is specifically designed for an event, you most likely have a captive and interested audience.

- The goal of launching on social media is to capture the attention of your target audience. Create and share a short, high-energy teaser of the full video on social media, along with a link to the full video.

- To embed video productions into emails sent by an organization, you'll need a hosting platform that allows embed codes to be easily copied and pasted.

A video's production and editing will differ depending on where it will be used. Consider what kind of end product(s) you want to achieve throughout the process. You don't want your Video Production investment to be partially wasted because you didn't plan how to use it.

While this process can provide many insights, in the end, a professional team is required to make this ideal a reality.

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