4 Tips for Setting up Video Lighting
by Eguaogie Eghosa Dec 11, 2021 Views (248)
In video production, lighting is a crucial component. Cameras require a lot of light to produce a good image and create the correct mood, but depending on the type of video you're doing, this can be difficult. It's critical to understand which lighting to use and how to set it up if you want the best light for your videos.

LED Lights: What Are They?
LEDs, or light-emitting diodes, are semiconductor devices that emit light when a current passes through them. In contrast to incandescent light bulbs, which utilize electricity to heat their tungsten filaments until they emit light, LED lighting uses that energy to immediately produce light, generating essentially no heat. LED lights are quickly becoming the preferred lighting solution for videographers. Instead of an AC adapter that requires a wall outlet, they offer convenient portability with a battery power supply and charger.

What Kind of Lighting Kit Do You Need?
Similar to photographic lighting, the lighting you employ for your video session will largely be determined by your budget and the subject you're creating. Make-up tutorials, for example, would frequently utilize ultra-bright LED ring lights to show small, close-up details, whereas interviews may use soft light or LED panel lights to give the subject a more flattering shot.

1. DIY videographers without a lighting kit or access to professional lighting equipment can invest in a few materials to create their light kit on a minimal budget. A hardware store can provide you with low-cost clamp lights, LED video light panels, or tripod-mounted work lights. You'll need diffusers or reflectors to lessen the effect of these lighting sources because they can be harsh and non-dimmable.

Basic heat-resistant colour filters, such as blue gels (which help convert a halogen bulb's yellow colour to white) and soft filters (which soften the light) are available. To assist guide and focussing the light, wrap Cinefoil (or black wrap) over the lamp's edges.

2. For those with a lot of money: For professional videographers with a large budget, studio lighting kits are the finest alternative. There are fluorescent lighting kits, dimmable bi-colour LED light panels, and high-quality Tungsten bulbs available. You must first choose which continuous light is ideal for your videography needs before purchasing the package.

Tungsten lights are quite bright, but they get very hot quickly. Fluorescent lights are inexpensive and emit less heat, making them a safer alternative for on-set lighting. Fluorescent lights, on the other hand, do not have the same intensity as Tungsten. LEDs last a long time, but if you use multiple brands, you may get shadows. Diffusers, colour filters, and a camera are all needed to complete your equipment.

What Is the Best Way to Set Up Video Lighting?
A three-point lighting configuration is the simplest basic lighting setup, which spotlights the main topic and separates them from the backdrop.

This configuration aids in the creation of light balance and control, both of which are necessary for high-quality video production. To set up your lighting correctly, follow these steps:

1. Make sure your key light is set up correctly
The key light in a scene or on an actor is the main—and brightest—light source. To generate a little shadow on the opposite side of your subject's face, position this light to one side of them.

2. Fill up the gaps with a light
The fill light gives the scene more depth and softens the primary light's sharp shadows. To neutralize undesirable contrasts or shadows, place the fill light on the other side of the subject's face.

3. Put your backlight in the appropriate location
The lighting illuminates the subject's features and outlines from behind. Backlight helps to distinguish the subject from the background, resulting in clear photos and features.

4 Lighting Ideas for Video
It takes a lot of trial and error to get the right lighting for a scene. Experiment with three-point lighting, soft light, harsh light, low-key light, and high-key light to achieve the ideal combination of light and shadows for your photo and give it a studio-like look:

1. Diffuse Hard Lights
"Hard lights" are lights that don't have any dimming or filtering options (like clamp lights). These lights are ideal for filming high-contrast, gritty scenes, such as those found in noir or drama films. You can, however, diffuse them to make them less difficult to deal with. With the barn doors of a softbox, you can control and disperse light. To save money, bounce the light off a wall, a white sheet, or a reflector.

2. Keep an eye on the temperature
By measuring the temperature of your white light, white balance helps your video camera display colours accurately. Colour temperatures that may be adjusted are a useful tool to have; without them, you might wind up with undesirable colour casts that look odd on camera. Although many digital cameras and video recorders have an auto white balance (AWB) capability, you'll almost certainly need to set it manually to ensure that your films express true colours regardless of lighting circumstances.

3. Keep an eye out for reflected light
Glare or reflections may be caused by subjects who wear glasses. To lessen reflection, use indirect lighting or polarizing filters to increase the size of your light output, or raise the height of your primary light.

4. Natural lighting should be used with caution
As the sun moves across the sky, it can cause shadows and inconsistencies in illumination. Avoid relying on the sun as a light source if you're filming outside (especially if you have a long shoot day). You'll still need a lighting system that can provide a steady level of illumination.

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