2023 Video Editing Roundup: 8 Top Platforms for Pros
by adekunle-oludele May 01, 2023 Views (426)
If You're a Pro Video Editor in the Year 2023, You Know That the Game Has Changed. There Was a Time When the Top-tier Editing Suites Were Only Available to Every Capable Video Production Agency With Expensive Workstations, but Now There's an Entirely New Set of Options.

From Professional-grade Editing Software to All-in-one Video Editing Solutions, We've Rounded Up the 8 Best Platforms for Pro Video Editors in 2023. From Online Video Editors to Feature-rich Platforms With Tons of Add-ons and Integrations, We've Got You Covered.

So Whether You're Just Getting Started in the World of Professional Video Editing or Already an Experienced Editor, These 8 Platforms Are Sure to Help You Get Your Projects Done on Time and Under Budget. Let's Explore What Each of These Top Platforms Have to Offer in Our 2023 Roundup of the Best Tools for Pro Video Editors!

Overview of Top 8 Platforms for Video Editing

Are You a Professional Video Editor Looking for the Best Online Platform for Creating Your Next Masterpiece? You're in Luck! There Are Tons of Amazing Choices for Creating a Stunning Video, Whether It’s for a Commercial, Podcast Intro, or Even Feature-length Film.

The Following is a Roundup of the Top 8 Video Editing Platforms for 2023 That Offer Everything From Basic Features to Advanced Editing Tools. Each Platform Has Pros and Cons and It's Up to You to Decide Which One Best Suits Your Needs. Let's Closely Examine the Leading Candidates:

  1. Adobe Premiere Pro: the Industry Standard That Offers Powerful and Professional Tools Like HDR Color Grading, Ai-powered Audio Repair and Dynamic Information Overlays.
  2. Final Cut Pro X: Apple's Full Suite of Editing Tools Including Motion Graphics, 360° Video Support and Enhanced Multicam Editing Capabilities.
  3. Davinci Resolve: a Growing Powerhouse in the World of Video Editing, With Color Correction Algorithms Based on Authentic Film Grain.
  4. Kdenlive: Free Open Source Software With Basic Editing Features, Easy to Use Interface and Support for Dozens of Audio/Video Formats.
  5. Magix Video Pro X: an Intuitive Platform That Lets You Quickly Create Cinematic Effects Like Slow Motion or Time Shift.
  6. Sony Vegas Pro: Extremely Customizable With Helpful Features Such as Trim Mode Adjustment and Proxies for Fast Offline Media Files.
  7. Blender: the Ultimate Free Alternative Providing an Advanced Toolset With Compositing Capabilities That Rival Some Industry Standards.
  8. Lightworks: an Award-winning Editor Offering Realtime Effects Previewing, Optimized Proxy Workflow and Even 4k Results.

Adobe Premiere Pro: What You Need to Know

When It Comes to Video Editing Software, Adobe Premiere Pro is the Crème De La Crème. For More Than Two Decades, It's Been the Top Choice for Professionals Worldwide and Deservedly So—it's Got an Impressive Range of Features, and Unparalleled Power to Bring Your Visions to Life.
If You're Considering Premiere Pro, Here's What You Need to Know:

  1. It Runs on Both Mac Os and Windows Operating Systems.
  2. You Can Edit in Resolutions Up to 8k and Hdr.
  3. There Are Robust Audio Tools Including Advanced Noise Reduction and Automatic Speech Alignment.
  4. You Can Keep Projects Organized With a Powerful Media Management System.
  5. Premiere Pro Integrates With Adobe’s Other Creative Cloud Suite Programs, Such as After Effects, Audition, Photoshop and Illustrator.
  6. Easily Collaborate With Others Using Team Projects, Which Allows Users in Different Locations to Work on a Project Simultaneously—in Real-Time!
  7. Plus, You Can Access Over 50 Million Royalty-free Stock Photos, Videos and More From Within the App.
The Bottom Line is that if You're Serious About Video Editing as a Professional, Adobe Premiere Pro Should Be Your Go-to Tool for Taking That Work to the Next Level.

Apple Final Cut Pro X: A Comprehensive Guide

If You’re Looking for One of the Top Video Editing Platforms for Professionals in 2023, Then Look No Further Than Apple Final Cut Pro X. Whether You’re a Filmmaker or Video Editor, Final Cut Pro X is a Comprehensive Tool That Can Take Your Videos to the Next Level.

Easy User Interface

One of the Main Advantages of Final Cut Pro X is Its User Interface. The Software’s Intuitive Design and Drag-and-drop Capability Makes It Easy to Quickly Edit Footage, Add Effects, and Adjust Audio Settings. This Allows You to Make Creative Decisions Quickly, So You Can Deliver High-quality Content Faster.

Powerful Tools

Final Cut Pro X Also Offers Powerful Tools to Help Create Professional-level Projects. You Can Import and Export Media in Many Formats, Apply Color Grading With Custom Looks and Curves, and Use Advanced Stabilization Tools to Even Out Shaky Shots. In Addition, You Can Add Motion Tracking Elements for Dynamic Effects and Take Advantage of Noise Reduction Capabilities.

If You Want a Comprehensive Online Video Editing Platform That Offers Advanced Features for Pros and Beginners Alike, Then Apple Final Cut Pro X May Be What You’re Looking for. With Its Easy User Interface and Powerful Tools, It’s the Perfect Choice for Creating High-quality Projects on Budget and on Time!

Sony Vegas Pro 17: Pros & Cons

Sony Vegas Pro 17 is Definitely a Great Choice for Professionals. After All, It Has Been Around Since the Early 2000s, and Continues to Evolve With the Times. Let's Look at Some of the Pros and Cons of Using Vegas Pro 17:


  1. Extensive, Yet Intuitive Editing Features—you Can Do All Kinds of Crazy Stuff Here
  2. Variety of Input and Output Formats Supported, Including 4k/uhd/3d Video
  3. Professional Audio and Video Features, Like Keyframe Control, Multi-layered Compositing and So on
  4. Advanced Effects for Creating Stunning Videos With Ease. Plus, There Are Tons of Transition Options to Give Your Projects That Extra Pizzazz


  1. Costly Subscription Plans—monthly Plans Start at $79.99 Per Month
  2. Not the Most Beginner Friendly Platform—but Fortunately, Lots of Tutorials Available Online
  3. Limited Stock Footage Libraries—if You Need a Variety of Footage You'll Have to Purchase or Download From Third Party Sources
  4. Some Effects Can Suffer From Render Issues Due to Hardware Limitations.
So While Vegas Pro Might Not Be Perfect, It is Still Worth Considering if You're a Serious Video Editor Looking for a Powerful Software Platform With Top Notch Tools to Get Your Job Done Right.

Pinnacle Studio 21 Ultimate: Features & Benefits

When You Hear "Pinnacle Studio," You Immediately Think of a Top-of-the-line Professional Video Editing Platform. That's Because Pinnacle Studio 21 Ultimate is Precisely That — an Advanced Video Editor With an Array of Features That Allow Users to Take Their Content to the Next Level.


Pinnacle Studio Offers a Range of Features, Including Multicam Capture™ With Support for Up to Six Cameras, Instant Projects for Quick Edits, and Pro-level Motion Tracking With Mosaic Blur. Plus, the Software Boasts Thx Certified Audio Effects, and 5 Keyframe Controls for Precise Videos. There Are Also Projects in HD and 4k Ultra HD Formats That Offer a Wide Range of Possibilities for Editing Experts.


In Addition to Its Impressive Feature Set, Pinnacle Studio 21 Ultimate Offers Benefits Like 2200+ Effects, Transitions and Templates That Make Editing Easier Than Ever Before. It Supports Mouse Clone™ Technology Which Allows Users to Move Quickly Though Multiple Video Files in One Session. And it’s Time Remapping Capabilities Means You Can Speed Up or Slow Down Clips in Your Videos. All These Features Make Pinnacle Studio a Powerful Choice for Professional Editors.

Lightworks 14: Pros & Cons

Lightworks 14 is Easily One of the Top Video Editing Platforms for Pros. It's Loaded With Tons of High-end Features Like Advanced 3d Editing, Support for 4k Resolution, and a Huge Library of Audio Effects and Music. Plus, It Has a Timeline That You Can Customize to Suit Even the Most Demanding Projects.

But While Lightworks 14 Offers a Lot of Great Options, It Has Some Cons as Well. It Lacks Auto-duplication and Auto-syncing Features, Which Means More Time Spent Editing and Syncing Footage if You're Working on Complex Projects. And Beginners Might Find It Difficult to Navigate Since There Are a Lot of Small Technical Details to Get Right in Order to Use the Platform Optimally.

So Overall, Lightworks 14 is a Great Choice for Pros Who Want Lots of Options in Terms of Resolution, 3d Editing, Audio Effects and Music Library—but It's Not the Most User Friendly Platform Out There When It Comes to Navigating Its Features or Completing Complex Tasks Quickly.

DaVinci Resolve 16: A Guide for Pros

If You’re a Pro and Looking for More Advanced Editing Options, Davinci Resolve 16 is a Great Choice. Used by Many Professionals in the Television and Film Industry, It Lets You Hone Your Editing Skills to Give Your Videos the Perfect Look and Feel.

What Makes Davinci Resolve 16 So Great? Let’s Take a Look:

Comprehensive Editing Tools

With Davinci Resolve 16's Comprehensive Suite of Editing Tools, You Can Do Everything From Color Correction to Audio Mixing to Motion Graphics. It's Also One of the Few Platforms That Offer Hdr (High Dynamic Range) Workflows, Which Means You Can Manipulate Clips in Real-time With Incredible Detail and Clarity.

Fairlight Audio Engine

The Fairlight Audio Engine Makes Audio Crafting an Easy Process With Intuitive Controls and Industry-standard Daw Plugins, as Well as Dozens of Powerful Audio Effects That Let You Shape Your Sound However You Like.

Fusion VFX System

And That’s Not All—Davinci Resolve 16 Also Comes Equipped With Fusion for Creating Incredible Visual Effects and Motion Graphics. You Get Real-time Playback Performance With GPU Acceleration Along With Nodes for Unlimited Options When It Comes to Compositing. Clearly, Davinci Has Thought of Everything.

Whether You’re Just Getting Started or Are a Practiced Expert, It’s No Surprise Davinci Resolve 16 is at the Top of the List When It Comes to High-end Video Editing Software Solutions.

Avid Media Composer 8: An Overview

When It Comes to Professional Video-editing, Avid Media Composer 8 Has Been a Go-to Platform for Years. Avid is Well-known for Its Fast and Efficient Workflow, Intuitive Ui and Not to Mention Exceptional Performance Capabilities. And Now, With the Introduction of Its 8th Version, Users Can Expect the Same Level of Reliability From This Professional Video Editor.

Here's What Makes Avid Media Composer 8 an Ideal Choice for Professionals:

Dynamic Media Management

Avid’s Dynamic Media Management Allows Users to Easily Import, Manage and Organize All Their Media Files From One Centralized Location. It Also Keeps Track of All Your Edits and Changes, So You Can Save Time When Creating Complex Projects.

Cloud Collaboration

For Teams That Need to Collaborate on Projects Remotely, Avid’s Cloud Collaboration Tools Allow for Smooth Content Sharing in Real-time Between Different Users. Whether You Are Working With Multiple Teams or Prefer to Work by Yourself on a Project, Avid’s Cloud Collaboration Tools Make Remote Work Easier Than Ever.

Unrivaled Editing Tools

Avid’s Comprehensive Editing Suite Includes Various Advanced Tools Like Multi-cam Editing, Color Correction and Titling Along With an Array of Effects That Help You Create Stunning High-quality Videos in No Time. Plus, With Its Drag and Drop Capabilities, You Can Quickly Assemble Sequences Together Without Any Fuss.

Overall, It's Easy to See Why Avid Media Composer 8 is One of the Top Video Editors for Professionals Looking for a Reliable Platform That Offers Robust Media Management Capabilities Along With Powerful Editing Tools in One Package.


All in All, the World of Online Video Editing Platforms is Vast and Varied. All Have Their Strengths and Weaknesses, Depending on What You’re Looking for and Your Level of Expertise in the Video Production Process.

No Matter Which Video Editing Platform You Decide to Go With, You Can Rest Assured That With the Right Planning, Effort, and Video Production Company, You’ll Be Sure to Create a High-quality Video That Meets Your Needs. Experiment With Different Platforms and Make Sure to Do Your Research to Ensure You’re Making an Informed Decision. Good Luck!

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