10 Tips on Filmmaking by Steven Spielberg
by Eguaogie Eghosa Jul 25, 2021 Views (210)

We are a fully operational internet-based marketing company based in Dubai. We are committed to developing effective content and strategies for the corporate brands who want to shine their bIf you are a real movie buff or aficionado, or just someone who simply love watching movies as a form of entertainment or relaxation; then the likelihood is that you know who Steven Spielberg is, or may have seen at least one of his award-winning movies without knowing it was made by him. 

And if you are a film director, you would probably not be taken seriously as one if you were to say that you don’t know who Steven Spielberg is. Any good director or one aspiring for a successful career as one in any of the movie industries knows his name and resume. 

Steven Spielberg is the Academy Award-winning director of remarkably successful movies such as Raiders of the Lost Ark, Schindler’s List, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, Jurassic Park, Jaws, Saving Private Ryan, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and many other award-winning movies. It is therefore not difficult to see why he is considered one of the all-time great directors. 

So, if you needed advice from a director on how to be successful as a director; wouldn’t you rather it was Steven Spielberg? 

Below is a list of Steven Spielberg's top 10 pieces of advice for writers and directors

1. Stay Devoted To Your Original Idea And Fight For It
One of Spielberg’s most important pieces of advice to directors and moviemakers is the need for them to stay true to their creative ideas. For him, the only thing that matters is the creative process.

According to him, it's not always easy to hold on and see through what you set out to do, but you won't become a better filmmaker if you struggle through the first act of your screenplays. You have to complete that draft, rewrite it if you must, and polish it until you see what you can get on screen. The process is usually tough, but you need to trust it.

2. Your Dream May Not Come At You Screaming In Your Face. Sometimes Your Dream May Just be Whisper
Steven Spielberg advises that you have to listen to that little voice inside your head telling you how to operate and what to do next. That little voice is your inspiration, and inspiration most times don't always bang around, sometimes it whispers to you when you least expect it. Learn to listen to the whisper and also to trust yourself. 

3. Learn From Your Predecessors: Recent And Past Ones
It pays to be conversant with your Hollywood history. There will be moments when you would probably get stuck in an idea; completing a shot you have planned or completing a project altogether; it helps to revisit the classics to find out your predecessors overcame such challenges.
Good knowledge of your industry history will come in handy someday. 

4. Make Storytelling and Emotion Your Priority. Business And Cinematography Are Always Second
You should always be concerned with how to tell your story in such a way as that services what is going on inside the emotional narrative. That should be your priority; any other way is a distraction. 

5. Have No Excuses; If You Want to Make Movies, You Have All the Tools Completely Available Today
Anything can be shot with something as common as your phone. You can edit with the software on your laptop. There's no better way to get the necessary experience than trying to make something yourself first on these smaller stages and then finding out if it translates later.
Just go out and do it! 

6. Don’t Let failure with a Project Affect You. Get Back to Work with the Next Project Immediately
Spielberg says everyone fails. It is part of the business. What you do after that failure to rebuild and succeed in your next job is what defines you.
7. There Is Only One Character-Defining Moment In Movies, But You Face Them Every Day In Life
This goes back to trusting that process. Life is going to throw the most unexpected things at you now and again. You have to be ready for them in your strides and grow along with them. In moments like that, listen to your internal voice and intuition; they will get easier and you'll be able to predict them as they come. 

8. It Is Okay To Be Influenced By The Works Of Others While Learning
Every good filmmaker learns from others. But at some point, you must find your own identity and be original. Your identity and experience are your most valuable assets. It is Okay to begin a career by mimicking people, but you can only sustain your career by letting the world see what you have to offer.  

9. Keep The Audience In Suspense And Fear By Not Showing The Actual Threat For A While
Things don’t have to be perfect on-screen, sometimes you can play on what is expected or unseen to surprise your audience. The audience wants to be entertained, but their imagination can be the tool you need to get you over the line.

10. Sometimes An Idea Will Hit You Like A Ton Of Bricks. Be Ready for It!
When an idea hits you, don’t wait for later to write it down; start writing scenes on the spot and put the story together immediately. Make sure you have a pen with you everywhere you go. You never can tell when you might need to put ideas down on napkins or write yourself an email on your phone. When inspiration hits you, be ready to chase it. 

There you have it, nuggets of wisdom from the doyen himself. 
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