10 tips for budding screenplay writers
by Eguaogie Eghosa Dec 04, 2021 Views (204)
Pursuing a career in the arts might be intimidating and overwhelming at times, but it's also one of the most exciting and satisfying things you can do. Here are a few tips I like to give to aspiring screenwriters.

1: Just like every tale or piece of material (including this one), a screenplay should have a beginning, middle, and end
Consider how you would tell a simple story with each piece of writing. For example, a society of gigantic anthropomorphic ferrets lived in peace in a faraway place until a competing tribe of Leprechauns arrived and claimed the Ferret land for themselves.

This resulted in a ferocious war between the Ferrets and the Leprechauns, but the sacred ferret land was safeguarded and peace was restored because of the brave deeds of Nina, a wonderful ferret who sacrificed herself and generated a landslide that buried the Leprechauns. Nina ferret's story is being taught in ferret schools to this day.

2: What does your script's message convey?
The most critical drivers of successful writing are theme and purpose. We're taught stories with morals when we're young, and the concept of theme is similar. It's simply our interpretation of the story's moral.

3. Read Other Scripts
This may seem like a no-brainer, but you'd be amazed how many individuals want to write stories yet won't read the ones that are already published.

Reading as many scripts as possible is the greatest method to begin writing scripts. It'll show you how to write a visual story, how to organize it properly, and how to write engaging dialogue that moves the story forward.

4: Dissect story structure
Even though this is the most crucial exercise to do when you're just starting, I still do it.

It's critical that you try to deconstruct and comprehend the texts you read. When should you submit your story and how should you pace it?
There are a plethora of books and guidelines available on the internet, but I believe that conducting this analysis for yourself will be more beneficial than simply reading books.

5. Set a goal for yourself to complete a task
My first script was a comedy pilot that was 60 pages long but only needed to be 30. It was likewise a disaster, but I forced myself to sit down and write for a month until I finished it.

It's also the script that got me into the coveted American Film Institute Fellowship (after many rewrites).

6: Ask for Feedback
Whether it's a novel, a script, an article, or a short story, writing is an iterative process. You must continue to rewrite, and criticism of your work is critical.

When I was 12, I began writing a novel and rewrote it after receiving criticism from my classmates. It's nearly impossible to be impartial about your writing, but having a new pair of eyes can help you uncover flaws.

7. Make Use of the Internet.
It's amazing to have access to so many resources. Using the internet, I learned everything I know about scriptwriting. Scripts, books, panels, YouTube videos, online classes, and interviews are all available on the internet. And most of the information you need is available for free.

You can even take online lessons to help you develop your skills if you wish. I'm currently teaching a television writing workshop at Sundance. I only recommend taking lessons after you've tried the free resources and believe you need further help.

8. Watch Reruns of your favourite movies and television shows
If you want to be a writer, spend some time breaking down and rewatching your favourite movies and television shows. Your goal is to identify what it is about them that fascinates you or that you admire. It will assist you in developing your writing strategy.

9: Form or Join a Writers' Group
Some people will find this simpler than others, but it is crucial. There are a variety of online message boards and forums where you can meet new people and try to form a reading and note-exchanging group. Creating your writing community will also assist you in establishing personal accountability.

10. Continue to write!
This is crucial, no matter how basic or obvious it may appear. You must continue to write and make time for it if you want to be a writer. The key to success is consistency and dedication to your craft.

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